Business, Pricing, Financial Models, Economics, for New Startup –

Looking for a economics and mathematics superstar who can help with a new startup. We need massive statistical possibilities for how a new business model will impact profitability. Superstar will be able to provide all computational possibilities for pricing, cost, recurring long term cost, and profitability on multiple outcomes that a customer can take during their subscription with our business. We will also need excel sheets/tables created for us so that we can run scenarios on our own to test multiple pricing models throughout the years.

Write me a report

Conduct research on the economic performance of the country given over the last ten years, applying the macroeconomic indicator of real GDP, real GDP growth rate, real GDP per capita, unemployment rate and inflation rate. Report analysis should include an in-depth discussion on the performance of the country and provide explanations for economic result as revealed by macroeconomic indicators, all details, explanations, and analysis shouldn't exceed 2300 words count. More information will be given in personal chat.

Econometrician who has worked with the LABOUR FORCE SURVEY needed

An econometrician familiar with the Labour Force Survey who can offer assistance linked to labour economics and running regressions. In particular, looking for someone to explain some key statistical concepts and offer guidance on methodology. Experience with theses is a plus.