Revise/recreate my resume

I'm transitioning in my career and need help with developing a new resume and cover letter.

You can see in the uploaded files, I've worked in public accounting for 3.5 years and have some side work teaching/tutoring English as a second language. Now, my fiance and I are moving to Southern China and I'm looking for a new job in sales.

I need a sales professional or an experienced resume writer that has helped professionals transition from accounting to sales. Experience with South China corporations or international corporations is a plus.

Thank you in advance for you interest.

Copy Editor

I have a 180,000 word novel, third in a series, that I need copy edited before self publishing. I learned a lot from having the first two books professionally edited, and that editor found little to correct there, so though it's a lot of words, it shouldn't be too much work.

Word document needs to be formatted to look professional


I have a Privacy Consulting business in Australia, and need to have a word document formatted to make it look more professional.

It contain 6 pages although the content does not need to be changed. Only the formatting.

The document is a checklist with fields to provide the responses. The fields with the questions need to be protected so users cannot change them. Only I will be able to update.

The only content and fields the users can update are the responses to the checklist and the Summary section where business details need to be added.

I would also like headers and footers.

Content and Copy Editor

This book has already been through a couple self-editing phases, but this is the final edit before the book will be published on Amazon in a few weeks.

It is a book that talks about my experiences with depression, mental health, self harm, and self worth.

As far as the editing goes, I'm on a pretty short deadline, so I need someone who can work quickly and focus attention on this project over the next 3 weeks.

I need the content and copy edits completed by April 25th.

This book is around 16,000 words, 32 chapters (which will probably be condensed), and 122 pages (size 18 font).

Please be prepared to do a short sample edit (2-3 pages) if chosen for an interview.

Upon accepting, you must be willing to sign an NDA.

Please include the phrase "grey elephant" at the top of your bid.

If you have any questions, let me know, and I look forward to working with you!

Christian Picture Children Book Editor


My name is Afam. I am currently working with my wife looking to publish her first christian based children book, as self publishing author. I am looking for someone who can help us in editing some christian based children manuscript she has written as we are looking to publish soon. We are looking for someone who can help us with spotting grammatical errors, suggest better formatting and how to best present the content.