Evaluation of [c o r e-l o s s i g n o r a n c e] in induction machine

Evaluation of c o r e-l o s s i g n o r a n ce in induction machine

**Two types of models IM :

1-without core loss(ignored).

2-with core-loss (not ignored).

**steps of study :

1)parameters identification (regression):by matlab optimization algorithm

-with core loss

-without core loss

2)modeling of IM:

Matlab for differential equations solutions

3)comparison for different conditions

Build & Review code for Pulse Wave Modulation on the PIC24

Need assistance finishing to build a PWM code for a PIC24 microcontroller. I have about 80% of the code finished and just need help reviewing it and completing the remaining part of the code in order to run a motor and switch direction when a switch is pressed.

Thank you in advance.