Build a GPS tracking wristband prototype

Gather the necessary components and assembly a working prototype for a GPS/ wristband. The idea is to have the device sending its geographic position to a http server every minute. It should work on 2g networks (mainly because the components are cheaper and this kind of network is still supported on the targeted country), it should also operate on a rechargeable battery (charging via USB). If possible, should be able to configure the sending frequency and target http server by editing a file on a flash memory (maybe using an Arduino-compatible controller). I'd like to discuss on how to make it smaller and lighter as possible, under a reasonable cost. My electronics knowledge is basic, so I expect the freelancer to help on defining the necessary components.

Closed loop control of proportional solenoid

we are an Automobile tier 1 engaged in manufacturing of mechatronics Products for Automobiles passenger cars and commercials vehicles, located in India Close to Delhi Airport.

looking for a Consultant having experiences in developing, integrating & validation of embedded software for Automotive electronics e.g. Throttle Control, EGR Control, Engine Control etc.

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Manoj Joshi

FPGA Project 2xI2S to SPI MCU

Project target is to have a FPGA to communicate with two I2S codecs and to provide a SPI slave connection conveying the I2S data to and from a local MCU.

Testing scripts and test timings for the Altera Quartus environment are required.

For the proper testing of the project deliverables, test scripts and test timings need to be created and relevant documentation given on the test scenarios.

Deliverables of the project are the full FPGA Quartus project sources/RTL and also all test/timing scripts for project inspection and acceptance testing.

A file with project definition and details is attached.