Build a (non public facing) customer portal to update time sheets.

My friend is a labour hire company – they have (ex) 50 labourers they hire out. They want to be able to let their customers fill out a time sheet for those labourers – so needs a Start Time and End Time as well as Break Time and then work out the actual time for the day. (And there will be a small Customer Table and a small Labourer Table too – my friend will update these)

So labourer # 2 works from 8am to 12pm (4 hrs) but has a 30 min break so he will get paid 3.5hrs.

(we have a UI format for this)

There is not a lot of data so small record sets.

When the user logs in and has completed they click to "submit" and it attaches the results as a CSV file (colomn order to be defined) to an email address.

Research and Call Doctors in Toronto, Canada

I'm looking for a virtual assistant to help me find a new doctor.

I will provide you with research methods to find doctors, and you will have to contact them over the phone, speak to them to see if they're looking for new patients, and keep track of all this on Excel or Evernote.

Since I'm in the Eastern timezone I'd prefer working with someone that is in the same time zone or one of the following: CST/MST/PST. This is to make things easier and due to the working hours of most doctors in my region.

To show me that you read this job description, please tell me what you ate for breakfast at the TOP of the cover letter. If you do not answer this, I will decline your application.

You must have an Android or Apple iPhone phone to use the VOIP app that I will need you to use to make the phone calls with.

You must have experience with web research, using Excel, and you must have excellent telephone handling skills.

As part of this application, please call and leave a voicemail at the following number:


In your voicemail message, please tell me:

Your name

Your location

What time zone you're in

What you ate for breakfast

When you are available to start working on this project.

How many hours per day can you work on this project

Business, Pricing, Financial Models, Economics, for New Startup –

Looking for a economics and mathematics superstar who can help with a new startup. We need massive statistical possibilities for how a new business model will impact profitability. Superstar will be able to provide all computational possibilities for pricing, cost, recurring long term cost, and profitability on multiple outcomes that a customer can take during their subscription with our business. We will also need excel sheets/tables created for us so that we can run scenarios on our own to test multiple pricing models throughout the years.

US clients only – Research task daily – 02/04/2019 — 2

I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are Data Entry and Internet Research. Should have time and its a simple job, I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my maximum budget is $30 USD. Job is to use the given keywords and research via Google daily 2 times for 30 days. It will just take 5 minutes of your time daily. Its easy and no fixed time constrains. Please do not bid if your rates are higher per hour.

JavaScript/ NodeJS- change in current project

I have a already created project where in I am extracting some information from excel displaying it through dropdown, selecting some data on the website and using all this info to generate an outlook email with the email ids,subject,body from these selected data

Change needed- the body is being selected from stored text files but the text files do not support tabular contents. I need the tabular content to be selected as well.

Application to run report

I am an independent contractor with a large organization that collects public court records and uses the data for credit reporting purposes. Each month I receive several text files of disseminated data (same format each month) that I need pertinent information pulled from to create a usable / readable report. I imagine a program that would go to each file, look for and grab the information I need, then spit it out into a report.

I know just enough about this kind of stuff to be dangerous. I attempted to import the text files into Access but one of them was too big to import so that quickly came to a screeching halt. I also imported them into Excel just so I could read them but that same file was too big for all of it to open properly. So here I am looking for help.

Thanks so much!