Configure facebook account, facebook+google tracking codes, update social like/share buttons and create 3 facebook audiences

– implement facebook pixel code in our webpage

– implement facebook pixel conversion events on our landing page thank you pages (to track facebook adds success)

– correct google analytics code using hubspot default integration

– Blog: addthis: remove default hubspot like/share buttons from all 4 blog templates (english, german, portuguese and spanish) and replace with addthis share buttons so we have better reports. talk to me about which social networks to show/enable

– Blog: also add facebook default "box_count" "like" button with total likes

– facebook: update everything in business manager (verify account, payment methods, create finance user, create marketing user, create admin user, create your user)

– facebook: create target audience for portuguese language focusing on our target audience (electrical engineering companies) and focus certain cities/areas we want to focus (Brazil cities: Porto Alegre, S