python/flask expert

I'm looking for python expert specialized in Flask.

I will upgrade the our business site.

You should be familiar with python2 and python3.

I'm going to find the right developer for my project on today and start asap.

So, I won't select the candidate through the interview for way too long, I'm gonna to do through a test task.

The test project is running on python2, the task is to convert python2 into python3.

I've attache the source code.

Once you've done,please share your github profile.

I will review it and just soon touch you.

Best Regards,


website with Flask and python for data analysis

The project consists of creating page with flask framework in order to let the user analyse text ata.

The idea is to let the user upload his dataset (in format like csv , tsv , etc..)

after that have some options to customize the upload (choosing the separator, header existing or not, strings are quoted or not, etc…)

Once the dataset is loaded the user can choose the type for each column (numeric , string, etc..)

after that the user selects the columns that contains the verbatims and click on an analyze button.

the data is then pushed to the backend where I'll have python scripts to do text classfication and other Machine learning models that I've developed.

Please contact me for more details.

Thanks in advance for your reply and help

Create admin SPA in Vue.js and API (could be PHP or Python API)

Hello Freelancer,

We need a simple Single Page Application in VUE.JS using a REST API (also the API must be provided with authentication management – jwt or similar).

API could be done with PHP (i.e. FlightPHP) or Python (i.e. Flask)

Need someone with great experience with VUE and also REST api

must be admin pages with calendar

thank you for your bidding

Flask and Reactjs app for building food and drink menus

I am looking for experienced developer to create an app for building food and drink menus. The app will include user authentication with role access to admin and staff functionality. Clients will be able to view the menus without authentication. The app must be built with Flask ([login to view URL]) for the API back-end and Reactjs ([login to view URL]) for the UI front-end. The data will be stored in MongoDB. The client UI must be clean, simple and designed for mobile devices.