Fullstack developer (Python, Flask, Vue.js, …)

Immidiate need for a fullstack expert with much experience with iot for a long term!

We designed an iot device, based on raspberry pi and customized pcbs with mcus, touch lcd and cloud.

Python, flask (rest api, mqtt api), vue.js, SQLite are are used.

The os itself is a yocto build. No big yocto knowledge needed. We have a expert for this inhouse.

The immidiate tasks are mentoring our existing code.

We are facing some issues, which must be fixed fast.

For example causes something in our code a freezing of the touch function in the frontend/backend. The driver in the kernel is still working. This must be located and solved first.

Our inhouse developer will support you in bringing you in and in coding!

Long term we need you for restructuring and our structure and code base for the next month/ year and bringing more and more improvements to the device.

PHP SQL developer needed to repair a codeigniter project


we're looking for a PHP/SQL developer to work on a codeigniter project.

The server which hosted the previous codeigniter installation crashed and some database files are missing from the initial installation.

The website is on a new server (PHP 7.2 instead of 5.4) and the login/signup is giving a 500 error, certainly due to the missing SQL tables. Your mission will be to repair the broken functionalities. You must know the best practices and be able to give advices on developments.

We use gitlab as private repository.

A good knowledge of server administration would be a great plus!

Please detail why you are the one we need, a link to your github profile and/or previous experiences in the same domain area.

Looking for react native developer

We are working on an exciting health app here. We already have a v1 build in django bootstrap. First step will be to replicate the web-app to react native app and then build some new use cases on that.

There will be a detailed mockup of the app, but no designs. For this milestone we need to focus on the functionality and we will be using material design for the elements in the app.

Plus points if you have worked with Apple health kit and Google Fit data in the past.

Senior Ruby On Rails Developer (expert) — 2

You are someone who is well-organized, resourceful, flexible, has the ability to multitask, and has extraordinary attention to detail. You must have strong communication skills and the ability to develop strong working relationships with internal and external resources. A willingness to take ownership and work independently under tight deadlines is a must.?

?- Language Skills?

Proficient with English and ability to be a quick learner.?

?- Reasoning Skills?

This role will need to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete or abstract variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. Must be able to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.?

?- Other Skills and Abilities?

Ability to work effectively and efficiently without supervision while utilizing time management and multi-tasking skills is required. Must be able to remain calm in stressful situations in order to leverage a patient and methodical approach. This role also needs to be self-motivated to learn and seek out new information in a rapidly changing environment.?

* Ruby on Rails

* DevOps (google cloud and AWS)?

* Experience shipping Production-ready mobile applications built with React Native;?

* Experience with Web Service APIs (SOAP/REST)?

* Jest, Mocha, Continuous Integration?

* Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes?

* PostgreSQL, REDIS, DataStore, Firebase?

* Experience in using API documentation?

* In-depth understanding of mobile framework components and respective life cycles;?

* developing location/map based interfaces?

* You are a rational and critical thinker;?

* Participate in code reviews and pair programming.?

* Knowledge of automated build pipelines and Git.?

* Capacity to work autonomously, to estimate tasks and meet tight deadlines?

* Strength in User-experience (UX), User-interface (UI) design?

* Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities?

* Ability to articulate ideas?

* Attention to quality and details?

* Documented experience writing clean, modular, well-documented and well-tested JS Experience with responsive and cross-browser development and testing?

* Familiar with JIRA and Bitbucket?

* Postman API?

* Twillio?

* Rollbar

?* Continuous Integrations

Bitbucket – upgrade question; just a question? —

I am upgrading Bitbucket from 5.4.0 to 6.2.1 and have a question.

Can I upgrade just by doing the [login to view URL] Archive 6.2.1 on top of 5.4.0 or do I have to upgrade to 6.0 and then 6.2.1? Or is there another step?

Please provide a link from [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] that states accurately? The citation is the key and that is what I will pay out and leave 5 stars!

That is the question? Just answer that question and that is the project?

Need the answer soon as possible?

*** Been through the documents (a team of us) looking for a matrix or a table that shows Versions and Upgrade Paths (we have all the details for Java, database, Git, etc, etc, been checking for a month, deep in the docs). The missing piece is what is here and really need to know 5.4.0 to 6.1.2 is ok? or a middle step?

General Details

Please only BID if you know how to do this and are certain you can do this? Expecting this is something easy for about $10 or so and will be something person on this topic would know and understand. Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each?

Can you work on this and finish now?

Will need to work on Desktop Sharing?

After done; can we test on Hangouts?

After done; can we test on Skype?

After done; can we test on Team viewer?

After done; can we test on Anydesk?

Is $10 ok?

(If not how much?)(Please note I am out of work and have a small budget)

(Did I miss something?)(Sorry I am broke, but that is about my budget)

Is this something you can work on now? If not now, please share how soon?

We can work on Google Hangouts/Skype/Team viewer/Anydesk or any desktop sharing you may have?

Please share your thoughts? If you have questions please confirm you read all of this, before reaching to me. My first question to you will be; did you read the project details?

Please only BID if you know how to do this and are certain you can do this? Expecting this is something easy for about $10 or so and will be something person on this topic would know and understand. Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each?

Please keep this a positive experience; and agree to do both our parts to ensure that.

Please just don

React for front end and ROR for back end developer — 2

We are looking for developer who have experience with React and Ruby on Rails for 3+ years.

We have 3 mobile apps which develop now.

This is long term position so rate is $20 and we need a sincere developer.

you have to work simple test that modify our landing page a little.

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