Google Adwords and FB paid Ads optimizations

small business in TX is looking for Web Marketer with at least 5 years experience in Google Adwords and FB. We have 10 -15 services that we need to market in both platforms. average spent is currently about $1500-$2000. You need to drive higher cpnversation rate (phone calls) and lower PPC. This is one location busniess that target audience within 15-20 miles.

Develop an AdWords and Remarketing strategy

We seek to work with a professional with experience in adwords and remarketing to help us develop online campaigns to reach a profile of high socieconomic level.

Our main service are viable tax reduction programs for specific profiles in E.U.A. If you are interested in the project please contact me to give you more details.

Manage my Google and Bing Ads (Moderate Budget) — 2


I am looking for someone with strong Google adwords and bing experience.

I need someone parttime to manage my accounts. I have 5 websites and each have Bing and Google accounts. I want to maintain a high return on adspend (10 x 1) so this should only take 2 hours a week to maintain the system that is currently setup. We will meet 30 minutes weekly at first.

Here's a video of me describing the job: [login to view URL]

List of websites:

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]



I would like to hire a Paid Search & Paid Social marketer

We are a small, 20-restaurant, upscale casual chain in the Northeast whose marketing is fully handled by an ad agency with the exception of paid search & paid social. You would run Google Ads and any paid social we plan to do. Perhaps 10-15 hrs/mo., ongoing. I am not an expert in compensation in this area, but know most firms charge 15% commission, so $/hr would reflect similar $.

seo my site where to go from here

I have a website it is new and I need to have consistent search engine optimization done I'm looking for a package where I can afford to have my site looked after so that it ranks organically on Google and has the proper links. I have no links and no traffic. Most of my items sell for about 20 dollars so using Google AdWords has proven not to give me a return on my investment. I need my site to eventually be seen on google organically and start getting organic traffic from keyword searches instead of spending hundreds on Google Adwords Which for my type of site is really not cost effective. If you can help with this please reply.

adwords etc

Looking for marketing agency that can take care of our google adwords and possibly facebook /advertising and even email campaigns

The agency in question MUST be fluent in Magento so they can study stock levels and best sellers in order to choose which products to promote.

If for example we have stock that is in big enough quantity but moving slow to suggest that they advertise that product.

My biggest problem at the moment is that I am expected by my current agency to do this legwork but I don't have the time as well as running the day to day part of the business.

We have a turnover of about 900k€ down from 1.5 million and I'm sure a good agency can get us back on track.

We are based in France so a knowledge of French would be welcomed.

Need SEO & marketing professional for new B2B website

Need SEO & marketing professional for our brand new B2B website on monthly basis.

What we need

SEO onsite and offsite we use WP

Best keyword research

Marketing payed or free on LinkedIn, google, Facebook Instagram etc

If you would like to be considered for this project you must show us your SEO & marketing plan for our website first!

Marketing expert!! Run Ads — 2

I am looking for an expert to create new ad campaigns for

1. My drop shipping store selling adult toys.

2. My SEO services

3. My chatbots

I am looking to do these advertising campaigns:

1. Adwords + Merchants Ads

2. Facebook Ads

3. Adwords Remarket + Fb remarketing

4. trafficjunky

5. exoclick

If you have experience with those, and know how to manage an effective campaign, please apply, with your minimum hourly rates.

Lowest bidder with maximum experience wins this project!

P.S. You will need to use your own ad accounts, and I will re-imburse Ad costs in addition to your hourly services.