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Congratulations! You have just landed a new client – Angeline Bridal Boutique ([login to view URL]). The company has asked that you create an online marketing strategy for them. Details of the requirements of the strategic plan are provided below.

Note that while creating this strategy, you are allowed to refer to the class slides that have been provided to you thus far. You are also encouraged to use any recommended tools (or other ones that you know of) to help with your strategy.

Finally, note that quality prevails over quantity. In other words, don't just write something for the sake of writing, write clearly and thoughtfully. A one sentence answer (in some cases) has the ability to receive the same marks as a four sentence answer.

Tracking Google Ads Activity Fixing

Please see below, this is very urgently needing fixed so we can advertise effectively to draw more traffic to the website.

Here is a list of tracking that needs to updated/corrected for PPC activity;

Google Ads tracking – In Google Ads you can generate a code that is applied to the site so you can see conversions in the interface. With this tracking we can optimise directly in the interface and even create automated rules.

Google Remarketing Tag – Again, this code is generated in the interface and applied to your site. With this tracking we can see where people have gone to on your site and create rules for them

Google Analytics tracking – This is where we have had various issues. Google Analytics sales numbers have not match up to the numbers you are seeing on your website. The tracking needs to be audited and then amended so the numbers match up.

the website is : [login to view URL]

this is a wordpress website

Hope this helps.