design logo – MARS

Name M.A.R.S.” (Modest And Rich Style). He came up with the acronym after googling “What is most searched phrases/keywords on the internet” and finding out that it was Mars.

Concept 1: Spaceship (like the one in the pic attached) with M.A.R.S. on Flag
Concept 2: Mars Planet with M.A.R.S. across like Uranus Rings
Concept 3: Alien with M.A.R.S. under name

clean and attractive, simple

Broken book cover

Author of a book called broken, I am hoping to get a picture a man and woman walking away into the dark or fog. The man is 6 ft tall well built muscular. The girl is 4’5 and comes up to his nipple height. She is wearing a red dress. The picture should have hauntingly beautiful feel to it. He is holding her hand.

The story is of an 11 year old girl that is kidnapped by a grown man, it is based of my story

Logo Design – Paw Print + Cannabis Leaf

Hi attached you will find my original design of a paw print with a marijuana leaf inside of it (titled: original design). It will be part of a logo. I would like my illustration to be stylized more. I'd like it to look more sophisticated and I would also like to see if you can make it so that the entire paw print is a marijuana leaf. So merge the two concepts together even more than just a leaf inside of a paw print- make them "one." We're looking for something sophisticated- not cute or cartoon like. It is for a CBD dog product. If you'd LIKE you can incorporate the words CBD but the logo has more text to it as well that we don't want to disclose so it's not necessary to include the word CBD. If you have a great idea that incorporates it then go ahead and suggest it, otherwise just the illustration is what we're looking for. You'll also find inspiration of the sort of thing we're looking for attached.

billboard sign

have an idea for a graphic for my logo and it to be a sketch done in illustrator and have the source file

. the sketch attached gives you an idea, but the copy needs to be different. the one word–Realchangecoach—is on the billboard, with two chains hanging from the bottom supporting a small sign that will change depending on what service we're offering. the two Korbel structures supporting the billboard to the poles need to be emphasised.

Design a Logo for Highlife Magazine

We need a logo for our Cannabis Magazine site. The magazine is called Highlife.
We report on everything related to cannabis mainly in German language.
We make also videos and apps related to cannabis.
The site is similar to the [login to view URL] site.

Look of the Logo:

* Wordmark logo for the Site (without pictural symbols) + extra Lettermark or Abstract mark or Pictorial mark design for favicon and app logo
* Logo transparent
* The logo should fit to this webdesign: [login to view URL]

That should represent the logo:

Simple, attractive, recognize

We want 2 separately files:

– .ai file + different .png – sizes of the Wordmark Logo
– .ai file + different .png – sizes of the favicon and app logo


Bit by Bit we check for plagiarism! Please help report this listings on this contest.

Frankie's Diner Logo

We are opening a breakfast and lunch Diner in Lake Country, British Columbia (Canada) and need a logo! We only serve breakfast, lunch and pie, and our food is homemade, no-frills, large portion, good quality food, but basic. We aren't doing anything fancy, and don't want to. We are all about giving good value. We have a small staff, and they are welcoming and friendly. Most of our seats are booths, for comfort and coziness.
Frankie's Diner is named after my grandmother, who is passed away. She was a good cook and a tough, brave, incredible woman.
We are open to ideas, but like the color red in a logo. We are situated in the Okanagan Valley, and are surrounded by orchards. I like a red that is similar to the color of the apple crates that you find in this area.
The Diner is not retro, but more in line with an old highway diner.
Please reach out if you have any questions.

Provide images for Website

I need images /illustrations to use in my website. Please see attached topics / pages of my website. There are approximately 29 pages of website and I need relevant images for every page.

You also need to provide images for 4 image slider for every main page.

All images should not be copyright / good resolution and relevant to topic.

you can also provide illustrations.

Portrait Artist

I would like to create a sketch of my daughter. My wife and I had a miscarriage and I had what I believed to be a vision of her in a dream. She only exists in my head so I need a talented sketch artist to take a picture of me and my wife and combine both to create a sketch of what she would have looked liked. Not sure if you guys can help but that's what I'm looking for.