Logo for project

I'm a consultant for a project and they are looking for a logo for a program they are starting. While explaining the project, the owner uses arrows (see attachment "Illustrating [login to view URL]"). He is looking for a logo that uses, probably three arrows. I'm thinking they need to overlap in some way, but I'm not sure. We both agree it needs to look simple and fresh. So, I created a logo (see attachment "MdX Arrow [login to view URL]") that he likes, but I think it can be done better. Are you up for the challenge?

Draw me a logo/picture to go on a custom made hat

Hey everyone, nothing interesting in terms of myself. Just looking for a sketch to be done that'll be used as a design to be printed onto baseball vaps.

What I'm after is a 4WD (Toyota land cruiser preferably) to be drawn like it's speeding off into the distance with dust being spun up behind it. I'd also like a few words written above or below the sketch but I'll inform you of them if you contact me .

Feel free to contact me with more informstion

Bark n' Bubbles Logo and Van Graphics

Hello, my wife Andi is starting a mobile dog wash business. We recently purchased a van and need a logo/graphics on it to finish it off. Not going to do a complete wrap, but want to fill in most of the large open spaces on both sides and the front and back. We live in the Aspen area of Colorado so it needs to be catchy and pop. The name of the business is "Bark n' Bubbles". The text that is on the van will most likely be removed so no need to work around it.
Attached is a beginning sketch by our daughter, along with photos of all sides of the van.

change size of some images. and do 2 simple illustrations

need someone to change the size of some images so they are all the same size and shape, and also to do a simple illustration. shouldnt take long. possibility of long term hiring.

i want all color fabric photos to be same size and shape as #2 fabric on this site. [login to view URL]

also, one fabric image is beige but for some reason it shows as gray. i want it to be beige. i have the rgb coordinates.

–and for simple illustration job a) i need to draw shirt pockets and place them on my shirt illustration . e.g, 1 pocket, and 2 pockets. . and b) i have an illustration of a long sleeve shirt. i need to draw same thing but short sleeve. finally, i have a photo of 6 buttons. i want each one to be made into a separate clear photo.