SEO expert for travel website

ToursOnTheWeb is a small software company that compares group tours online. Our product runs fine, but listing on Google, Bing and Baidu not really. When typing the company name "toursontheweb" in the search bar, we get a one-liner with description but not the nice sections underneath the description as you would see with "expedia" or similar.

We have added "application/ld+json" with WebSite and WebPage, but it doesn't bring the desired result. Note that this should work on .com, .nl and other domains in different languages as well. Yes, we are using "hreflang" for Google…

Other recommendations to improve ranking on diverse search engines are very welcome. If successful, we could use your services for future projects as well.

Please visit [login to view URL] for more info.

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Congratulations! You have just landed a new client – Angeline Bridal Boutique ([login to view URL]). The company has asked that you create an online marketing strategy for them. Details of the requirements of the strategic plan are provided below.

Note that while creating this strategy, you are allowed to refer to the class slides that have been provided to you thus far. You are also encouraged to use any recommended tools (or other ones that you know of) to help with your strategy.

Finally, note that quality prevails over quantity. In other words, don't just write something for the sake of writing, write clearly and thoughtfully. A one sentence answer (in some cases) has the ability to receive the same marks as a four sentence answer.

Need SEO and google ads Setup for our company.

Need SEO help with the website, and also need to run ads for our products(3D printers ) on Adsense . We have got a list of keywords and some vital ad info from a partner , and would like to implement this for us too.

Expertise in Social media ads and boosting would also be greatly useful.

A long term freelancer who can work with us as we grow would be ideal.

Help me with Internet Marketing

We are looking for someone that may have knowledge of pressure washing business and may have knowledge of Search Engineer Optimization (SEO) to review the pages on our website. We have a company that does our SEO to drive business (residential/commercial) to our site who suggested rewriting some of the context. Please let me know if you are capable of this work and include your pricing. Thank you!