Research and Call Doctors in Toronto, Canada

I'm looking for a virtual assistant to help me find a new doctor.

I will provide you with research methods to find doctors, and you will have to contact them over the phone, speak to them to see if they're looking for new patients, and keep track of all this on Excel or Evernote.

Since I'm in the Eastern timezone I'd prefer working with someone that is in the same time zone or one of the following: CST/MST/PST. This is to make things easier and due to the working hours of most doctors in my region.

To show me that you read this job description, please tell me what you ate for breakfast at the TOP of the cover letter. If you do not answer this, I will decline your application.

You must have an Android or Apple iPhone phone to use the VOIP app that I will need you to use to make the phone calls with.

You must have experience with web research, using Excel, and you must have excellent telephone handling skills.

As part of this application, please call and leave a voicemail at the following number:


In your voicemail message, please tell me:

Your name

Your location

What time zone you're in

What you ate for breakfast

When you are available to start working on this project.

How many hours per day can you work on this project

Project Management, Internet Research

*** Only for people from Philippines.

I am looking for someone who loves using mobile apps and would like to work with a team that develop mobile apps. Main purpose of this position is to help the rest of the team becoming organized and making better apps.

The responsibilities will be:

1. Communicate with other team members, make sure they are on the right track.

2. Use our competitor apps and come up with new ideas.

3. From the research, find out what features we should add to our existing apps.

4. Research the app store to come up with new app ideas.

5. Create report and deliver to the management about the team's overall progress or obstacles they are facing.

6. Test out our new release of apps, before it goes out to market.

If you are interested, please answer the following questions:

1. Do you have iPhone or Android?

2. How many hours you can work per day? Please let me know if you have other part-time/full-time job.

3. Do you have any work experience with managing projects or testing mobile apps/software? Can you handle a team of 3 to 5 people?

4. What was your reason to leave last job?

Research Blogs for Sponsored/Guest Post Opportunities

I have done research to collect a list of a few thousand websites that could potentially accept paid post placements or guest post placements.

I need a freelancer (ideally a team) to review these websites and record whether the site is likely to accept 3rd party content or not.

Knowledge of SEO or guest/paid posting is preferrable.

Market Research For Commercial & Recreational Land Available in US and Europe

We are looking for individual(s) preferably broker who have access to various data regarding to the commercial or recreational land, with minimum of 1,000 acres ready for redevelopment into golf resorts across United States and Europe.

Criteria we looking for the land includes: Freehold; multiple usage without restriction from local, state and federal authority; huge acreage with approximately at least 500-acres of open land, apart from existing infrastructures (golf course, hotels, resorts, spa, etc); close proximity with international airports and major highways.

I need information such as name of the land, include area, state and country; current owner; land title; selling / asking price; land areas; amenities included; location; closest airports, city and major highway.

I only required Freelancer from United States and Europe in order for accurate data assessment. Freelancer from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Egypt not required to apply.

Web Research Task

The goal of the project is to research relevant individuals who are associated with interactive travelling within the country of the person, who's going to take part of the project, and obtain the necessary contact information (Email and Phone number) and specific background details of the researched individuals. The project also requires grouping the collected data into classes in a way that reflect how much these individuals express their travel content, as well as what kind of interests they feature.

The person partaking the project needs to be from one of the following countries: China, Japan, South Korea, or Russia. He/she should have the basic knowledge of the commonly used social media applications in their country that involves travel and the common email domains used in that country, and research possible leads using travel related terms in their native language, combined with the domain names to make the search specific to finding contact email. The person can also research within social media applications for popular leads using their own form of trending terms relating to travel.

The data collected is then reviewed by another team to ensure that the quality of work is being maintained throughout the project.

The part of individual's info that we need are the following:

oName: The name of the individual, if not specified then the social media/website name.

oLocality: Since the research will limit to the same country, we need to specify the city where the individual lives if given.

oFollowers: Display the greatest number of followers an individual has in one of their social media accounts. (Mention the highest one in Notes)

oEmail: The email address of the individual.

oPhone Number: The phone number of the individual. Number format should include the international dialing code.

oIt is acceptable if either Email or Phone number is found.

oWebsite: A personal website/blog of the individual.

oSocial Media Links: Set of social media accounts that the individual uses based on the popular social media applications used there. (Can be up to a maximum of 5 different platforms)

oNotes: side notes taken for the individual, such as most followed social media app for that individual, or a doubt if the partaker is unsure of the details.

oClass: The individual's grouped rank after researching the account for information.

oTraits: Certain key terms that relates to the individual based on their content.

If interested, do contact us to learn more about the project.