Setup of rclone in Ubuntu

We are in the process of setting up so folders and files from our ubuntu server is encrypted and uploaded to our Google Suite, but in this process of setting it up in rclone, then we must log in and autorize rclone for access, but then we get this error

[login to view URL]

We are looking for someone who can get it all setup correctly and either record the setup on video, so that we always have the information or set it up via anydesk/teamviewer.

A cronjob must also be made which one an hour investigates if there is new folders/files in the area, which must be uploaded.

We expect that the task can be solved within maximally 2-3 hours maximally.

sudoku game in language C using threads

using C programming language, write a code that will accept 9×9 two-dimensional array, solve, and then print the solved puzzle to the output screen. you may use any algorithm to solve this puzzle. however, your code should utilize one of the multithreading libraries so that each thread will check a part of the array.

I attached a pic that explains this problem

htaccess redirect based on referrer

This is a small but fast job for someone that have the right knowledge. Only bid if you know you can do it.I hope its possible to do but I think so. This is what I want.

Send a user that comes from a site from a referrer site say *.[login to view URL] (* = including all subdomains on that domain) to a specific URL (same as the one they are trying to access).

All other traffic 301 reditrects to another page on same site.



So if I access document [login to view URL] from *.[login to view URL]

send to

[login to view URL]


Send to [login to view URL]

*[login to view URL] used in example is the referrer site

[login to view URL] used in example is my domain