Draw sketches of a battery toggle connection to motor terminals mechanism

I filed a global patent for it, but need to add a detail now. It's to sustain inertia for cars.

But, I forgot to add the battery toggle.

A finger pressed button which automatically reverts position using coil spring,

toggles the battery terminals to touch and untouch the motor terminals when pressed and unpressed.

You need to draw the battery and toggle mechanism, from as many angles as needed, and

integrate your drawing with my current drawing. Your integration drawing does not need to show every part of my current drawing, or follow its angle perspective.

I can't find my newer drawing, so I gave you my old version, and gave you the correct metal core inductor diagram for reference. Not air coil. NOT AIR COIL

Vizio Smart TV controller setup

Project site: Private home in Tampa FL near Anderson Road and Busch Blvd. I need expertise in setting up my Vizio SmartHUb which is running off internet only . There is no cable box. Right now it takes several actions to get to my Netflix. I want to setup for no more than 3 steps minimum. TV is already installed on wall and works fine. Just to many steps from power on to getting to Netflix.