Smart Ration card System

The project titled “Smart Ration Card System” is used to automate the process of registration, managing transactions and ensure food secure to all citizens by making the availability of right people at the right time essential commodities, the registered user can, view card details, viewing transaction history, check the stock availability, profile updation, making complaints and request for changes in the smart card. Automation of distribution system at the ration shop as well as maintaining the database at one main control station and updating the database.

Setup and customize WordPress site + scraping

NOTE: only bid placed after a full read of full project description will be be considered. Automated bids will be automatically excluded.

Please confirm (and prove if possible) you can do point 2.1 and 2.2.

Need a WordPress site having a Directory of Places with a list of places on map, search by city or nearby, filter per categories 12 categories. (petrol station, charging station, parking, car dealer. car repair, body shop, tyre repair, vehicle testing, insurance, roadside assistance, spare parts, car wash)

1. Import and install existing WP pages and use this style for theming. We have bought (and setup) this plugin which have already 90% of features and give it to you: [login to view URL] which already has an import feature for basic listings (view 2.1).

2. Directory of places:

2.1. Extract nearly 3-500 places per category in Italy from G! Places (or scrape other websites) and import places (name, category, address, city, phone) in Places as Basic listing (one time only). Extract these data for 11 categories above. For the 12th see below:

2.2 Use the following CSV URLs to import data in the Directory

First dataset will be taken from [login to view URL] which is the list of places to put under category Petrol Stations.

Second dataset are prices of petrol Service which will be the details for Petrol Stations [login to view URL]

First dataset will be updated every 3 months.

Second dataset will be updated every 1 day.

Export updated dataset 1 and 2 as json on server.

Note: if you can't import those data every day in the directory plugin, can create custom table (s) and in front end make design similar (map and list for this category).

3. Complete setup of plugin and site: For Basic Places: listing, no detail page. For Premium Places: listing on top with image and description, detail page (with pictures, service, etc), form to Ask quote (including picture) > send email. Other details: Place claim Payments Setup WP with security plugins (sucuri,etc,) Install some plugins (cookie plugin, seo plugin), adjust some details for design.

We will provide a rough design (jpg) to show how we would like those pages will be (most of them will those exiting from the plugin).

Auto Upload Attachments from bbpress Topics

I currently use the follow script to Auto Upload (external) images embedded in bbpress topics & replies to my Media library:

[login to view URL]

It works GREAT.

Unfortunately, in order to get the images to upload (for existing posts) the script forces the user to click on Topics, highlight them, click edit and then click update BEFORE it will save the images in the Media files.

I have imported several Thousand topics & replies into my forums.

I need someone to edit the EXISTING Script so that it continues to FULLY FUNCTION and will AUTOMATICALLY run AUTO-Upload ALL Images, for all topics & replies automatically WITHOUT having to manually click. I don't care if it's run by cron-job or javascript, etc, but it MUST USE THE ORIGINAL AUTO-UPLOAD Script and RUN without someone manually moving it to the next page.

It will need brief timeouts every 100 requests to prevent server overload.

PS. I have a MASTER SRC copy of the files with ALL the GitHub Pull Requests & Fixes implemented that I can provide to the coder/developer to save time.

WordPress: 4.9.9

bbpress: 2.5.14