Fix website speed/load issues



CONTEXT: I have an e-learning WordPress website that plays video converted powerpoint lessons for paid subscribers. Currently, we have 82 lessons (over 19 hours play time).

PROBLEM: The entire website in general is VERY slow. However, the main issue is after logging in as a user: the "course" pages, "lesson" pages and "videos" on lesson pages, do not load or are extremely slow to load e.g. takes hours. At worst, the website crashes, OR links and pages do not load for many days.

Note, I am on the most powerful VPS server so not a hosting issue and only have approx 400-500 active users accessing the website at the same time.

YOUR TASK: you must investigate all causes of issue and fix it. I require a fast website able to run smoothly during high traffic periods e.g. up to 1000 users.

Please note you must dedicate yourself to this project only for the project entire duration. I need your full concentration as this is urgent – I will not accept your proposal if you are working with other clients. We will agree a working time frame for a day and you must communicate and reply to all messages within 15 minutes. I needed this project done last week and have had a freelancer waste my time promising me it would be done in 3 days who did not reply to urgent messages and left my website dead for the weekend until he came back to work on Monday and spoke to other clients, whilst i waited hours for him to fix my website. This is a warning: I only want professional freelancer bids- who do not do the above. I am willing to pay fairly but you must deliver high quality work.

Create a chat website

Current Features that Hump has that we want to replicate:

+ Image Chat – Chat with words or images ( .gifs .pngs .jpes or both). Enter words or URLS to images to create a "Hump" (a line of text and or images)

+ User Page/favs/log – Users can "fav" Humps and it appears in the user's "favs" list ([login to view URL]) and all thie humps a user makes also appears in a "log" ([login to view URL]). There is also a small user page that users can put info into ([login to view URL]).

+ Top Humps – the humps themselves are ranked by points in a daily "Top humps" list ([login to view URL])

+ Message – You can direct Humps at specific users by adding the @username to the Hump. the hump then appears in the user messages window ([login to view URL])

+ Mute – You can also mute a person by clicking on the "x" by their name in the userlist.

+ Webcam – send a cam to chat

+ Fave and Save palette – You can also drag images into "scissors" box to save it and use in another hump later.

New Advanced Features that we would like to have (if possible) – See ATTACHMENTs:

+ Justify the hump left/center/right

+ Somehow combine everything in the chat line into "one" object/image that we can refer to / tag / save image as

report from checkfront api

i need to add some report automation for my hotel booking

i used checkfront and i want different report

— webpage or html +csv report sent by mail

i created a item SKU like W2C35,, the sku Cxx like C35 = Categories 35

is easy to find the good categories

i created a poweshell script for that but i need to download th items report before

this scripts send some information to the categories manager and the hotel manager

each categories = person with email address

the categories will received an email on each x days

the hotel manager will received an email on each x days

or other way.. webpage base on wordpress with user/password acces on that page the manager can see the booking status