I need a Coder, Web Angular Designer, etc.

Instead of going to the bank for a high-interest loan to buy an expensive product, use this app to find investors who will buy a share of the product and sell it to you for a higher price. Please go through the powerpoint for my business idea for additional details. Please do not steal the idea since I have a patent for it and if you take it, you will be sued heavily.

Outlook VSTO add-in

For this project, I need to develop an Outlook VSTO add-in developed in C#. This add-in will have the following characteristics:

* Reside locally on the user's desktop as an add-in to the local outlook client.

* Read the following information from incoming messages: sender, recipients (to, cc, bcc), subject, body text, attachment count, attachment names.

* Write the data enumerated above to a series of text files or log files on the local hard drive.

It would also be a big plus if we could read the text from any attached files (focusing on Microsoft Office formats) and also write that as a text file or log file to the local hard drive.

The code should be well documented, clean and function properly.

For this work, we are looking for a freelancer that has C#, VSTO and Outlook VSTO add-in experience. We want someone that can develop the code quickly, and deliver high-quality work. We want a developer that speaks English.

We are building new products and there is a lot of future work possible for a good VSTO developer.

Email software creation Progress Tracker

Think dominos pizza tracker. Grubhub food delivery tracker.

I want the ability to send an email to a client when I begin their project. The tracker image in the email will update with each step I manually adjust on my end in real-time. With each manual adjust I make on my end, it updates the email image that the client has on their end.

Looking for C# developer who can make changes in my accounting software. — 2

Looking for C# developer who can make changes in my Desktop accounting software and add new features:-

1.Changes in Login Screen:- Login Screen Look and Feel need to change. Company Name and Branding should available in Login Screen.

Cream – #FFFFD8 – Application background

Gray – #C0C0C0 – Button Color

Green – #008080 – Headings

Black – All other font color

(You can change These color code, if not looks good.)

2.Company Selection Page :- Look and Feel need to change.

3.Home Page:- Need to show summery of the Company’s Sales Data, Purchase Data, Tax liabilities.

4.Invoice:- If a customer is not available in the list, it should save in customer Master while saving invoice itself. All other mandatory fields like state, Pincode, GST etc can be available in Right hand side of the screen.

5.Software Update mechanism:- An Update setup file can be provided so that client can update the system by his own, just pressing next button. It should included updated database, support files and all other dependencies.

6.Synchronization button:- Need to provide a button in shortcut menu. By pressing the button one URL will open in the browser.

7.Need to Add a column in Sales and Purchase database table (not in UI) called “Sync_status”. By default need to pass 0 as value. Whenever, invoice is getting update then need to set this column back to 0 again.

8.Activation Process:- Need to make Activation process more robust and Strong.

a. If anybody copy-Paste the folder in another machine, Software should not run.

b.After expiry date, Software should not open. And A Dialogue box need to show which show the message “Thank you for using Accubook. Your Software has expired. Please contact to Software Distributor”.

c.Activation process should Patch or keygen resist.

d.We Can see Customer name, Serial and Activation key with Purchase and Expiry date from the cloud. (Optional)

e.Bugs, security hole resist.

travel agency account system windows based c# and mysql + source code

I need an accounting system for my bussiness based on the requirement that I gave in pdf and exe attached files which describe what I need .

finished project specs

modern design and user friendly based on attached pdf or exe

include source code + exe + demo exe (with activation key)

daily auto backup

to be finished in less than 15 days