Python image processing

1. Capture an image with a uniform background, then put an object on the scene and capture a

second image of the scene. Create a program to generate a binary image that identifies the

object from the background–the pixels belonging to the object will take values of one and the

pixels from background will take values of zero respectively. To do this, use the subtraction

operator and a threshold to identify the differences between the first image and the second

image that contains the object of interest. Test different values for the threshold until obtaining

the best results. Quantify the number of pixels that belong to the object of interest. Visualize

histograms and the binary image. Describe briefly the obtained results.

2. Develop a script in Python to generate an image in false color using the hyperspectral image

OpenCV expert needed (C++) for matching algorithm

Hi, I have a C++ script which takes the frames from a SDD detector (running on FPGA+ARM) and it works very good.

My script just process the output from the FPGA with OpenCV.

I have added some counters to count the numbers of elements detected (vehicles and pedestrians).

It counts a lot of elements because it counts in every detection.

I would like to add a matching algorithm to my script to count to each object just only one time.

Something like: [login to view URL] or [login to view URL]

Add-on GUI design and other functions for existing python program

This is an object detection and counting program with tensorflow and opencv.


1. A simple GUI (design are provided)

2. Record data into the system generated report (consist of date, number of human who passed ROI line, etc.)

-There will be 2 report (the real time and the test video report)

-The date is in daily basis, which means keep update the data on the same day

3. A system generated graph that shows the recorded data (line graph with date and number of human who passed ROI line)

-Keep the graph updated according to the report

Full program (source code) is provided, all I want is to implement those requirements stated above into my program.

Due to time constraint, I need a professional python programmer to deliver the final product to me as soon as possible (around 5-7 days).

Low but reasonable budget.

Write an application for image to text conversion


I need a cli application to read Bangla text from images (web and scanned paper). I recommend google tensorflow object detection or any library you are familiar with, (maybe opencv). I just need to work with it.

Goal is export images to html document and JSON data.

Only experts should call for the job.

Thank You.