Web Scrapping – Python – Finish a 80% Completed SCript

I have a web scrapping script that was 80% completed so therefore I need someone to complete the remaining script.

This retrieves data from a sports site. It runs off a CSV input sheet (needs to be created) that has the variables of date and location. Output is to a CSV file. Most of the scrapping code is completed, it just needs a small tweak.

Will provide instruction files and current .py file to those people I short list. A good programmer should complete this in a couple of hours as most of the work has been completed already.

python/flask expert

I'm looking for python expert specialized in Flask.

I will upgrade the our business site.

You should be familiar with python2 and python3.

I'm going to find the right developer for my project on today and start asap.

So, I won't select the candidate through the interview for way too long, I'm gonna to do through a test task.

The test project is running on python2, the task is to convert python2 into python3.

I've attache the source code.

Once you've done,please share your github profile.

I will review it and just soon touch you.

Best Regards,


ffmpeg based video concatenation

I have a Python script that I use to concatenate a bunch of clips in a folder, into a single video. Unfortunately, this script requires that each video have the same: dimensions, frame rates, and audio/video codecs. I would like the script modified to automatically select the optimal ffmpeg options that also reencodes the least number of videos or the least total duration of the videos. I will send the github link to the existing script privately.

Mentoring needed with raspberry pi 3 B+

I am a fledgling programmer and I just need a bit of help with a project I am working on.

I will be writing some applications where I will be creating GUI's, communicating with the GPIO pins and will need to display videos as part of the process.

I can use Java/Swing or Python/Tkinter – whichever will work the best. I would also like to use VLC media player since it's already loaded on there.

I just need help/guidance with a couple of things:

– I would like to have the option of using Java/Swing. I have programmed using Java on there before but it seems like the only way to access the GPIO pins is through a library called pi4j. When I try and access it I get an error saying it's the wrong hardware. online I have read that it's fixable by re-installing it using a type of file I am unfamiliar with and would like some guidance so I con't screw anything up. that should be a quick fix.

– I also need to be able to access video from either Java or Python – preferably both. But when I try and import vlc, which is installed and should be there, it says it doesn't exist. I think it's in with the Python 2.7 files instead of the 3.0 files and need to get that figured out.

Also if there is an easy way to do that within Java I'd like to learn of it.

So what I am asking for is someone who speaks English well and can teach me – not just do it for me.



# From tensorflow/models/research/ issue

The below GitHub

[login to view URL]

has following implementation


cp -r pycocotools <path_to_tensorflow>/models/research/

when I do this in my MAC,

make cp -r pycocotools /Applications/anaconda2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/tensorflow/models/research/


make: *** No rule to make target `cp'. Stop.

output: investigate and fix the error