Powershell lab 4

WMI Objects

Create a system information script to report several items of information about the running system

Include the operating system name and version number

Include the system hardware description

Include bios vendor and description and version

Include processor description and speed and core count

Include a summary of the RAM installed with the vendor, description, size, and bank and slot for each DIMM

Include a summary of the physical disk drives with their vendor, model, size, and percentage free

Include the video card vendor, description, and current screen resolution

Your report must be a single report, with multiple sections

Numbers must be human friendly

The memory and disk sections must be presented in table format, the rest in list format

Submit screenshots showing your script in the ISE editor, and your script running in a console window with all output included. Submit them as a single pdf, or as separate image files. Do not submit a word doc or zip file or other archive format.

Gane creation to reinforce time series data and increase asset

Example: [login to view URL]

1. Use the time series data and play the game.

2. The robot can only have 2 options. 1. Buy 2. Sell

3. Purchase, sale (short sale) The size of btc is fixed to "1".

4. Reward increased assets

5. Initialize after losing 5 or more consecutive times.

6. Initialize if the lost amount exceeds 1000 yen for 10 minutes.

7. You can short sale.

8. Once selected, I can not do anything for 60 seconds.

9. You may give a penalty if you act within 30 seconds instead of No.7.

10. The environment information shown to the robot is only price, size, Buy or Sell in the past 10 minutes from now

11. You can use any library of GYM or reinforcement learning libraries.

12. I have about 300 environmental information for 1 minute.

13. There are over 50 million environmental information as follows.

Time price size Buy 2, Sell 1

2018-12-09 18: 21: 10.07 384198 0.01 2

2018-12-09 18: 21: 10.25 384121 0.24397853 1

2018-12-09 18: 21: 10.32 384168 0.01 2

2018-12-09 18: 21: 10.62 384097 0.0616793 1

2018-12-09 18: 21: 10.73 384201 0.09 1

2018-12-09 18: 21: 10.80 384097 0.85 1

Identification of attacks and distinguish from robot, normal records

Title – Attacks identification and separation from robot, normal users from web server log

1) Create algorithm for Brute force attack (2 days) – 15$

2) Create algorithm for CSRF attack (2 days) – 15$

3) Create algorithm for XSS attack (2 days) – 15$

4) Create algortihm for SQLI attack (2 days) – 15$

5) Create algorithm for LFI and RFI (3 days) – 20$

6) Create algorithm for Robots (user agents) (1 day) – 15$

7) Integration of these all into one single algorithm – 10$

Output should be – Attacks' Features, Algorithm steps, code, testing on given log files, good result (based on accuracy), flow of algorithm (in flowchart), proper explanation, implementation help at client side (if needed)

Note – Algorithm should be applicable to any web server log file. It should not be restricted to given log files only. Features should cover all features of attacks. Features are not the regular expressions/lines of attacks in log file. These are some ideas to identify footprints get stored in web server log file while performing the mentioned attacks.