Shopify Developers

Payment weekly via paypal.

We are off freelancer because we are a large company that is quickly scaling and this will be long term employment. Freelancer only supports 40 days, so it is not practical.

The trial is NOT free, if you are chosen for a long term position, your time for the trial will be compensated on your first check with us. As long as you are confident in your skills then you should have nothing to worry about.

They must be available right away or within a reasonable amount of time NO MORE THAN 24 HOURS.

They must be fluent in English and display, effective communication skills.

Must have produced at least 200 stores. Must have their own premium themes to work with.

I would like a program that can use building permit numbers to generate the business owner with contact info

I can use permits to find businesses that have just begun construction on a new location. That permit gives me an address and sometimes a business name. I use the address to search in google for a business name. if I get a business name I can use Linkedin, Google, a business entity search, Manta, etc.

I would like the predictable searches conducted, so that i don't have to search each site individually.

I know that what I am asking may not be clear, but I am happy to explain or demonstrate.