Help with Excel

I need to amend excel sheet and I am unable to do it. I need it tonight.

What I need:

The risk levels function works (it doesn't at the moment)

Open / Closed function, works (it doesn't at the moment)

When adding rows the excel sheet automatically follows the format. i.e. white line / grey line

When adding rows, the item number automatically updates.

An Embedded VB6 Licensing Application for Key generation 2

In VB6 I require an alogorithm to use in a project to provide licensing feature.

There will be 2 separate projects

1) Generator

2) Validator


The generator will have the following controls

2 Labels = 1) Product Key 2) Activation Key

2 Textboxes = 1) Product Key 2) Activation Key

3 Locked Textboxes = 1) Harddisk Seriak No 2) MAC Address 3) Valid_Days

1 Command Button = Generate

How the generator should work.

– The 3 Locked Textboxes fetches 1)The HardDisk Serial Number 2) The MAC Address 3) Any Number of Days Specified by the [login to view URL] this Test use 2DAYS.

– When the user clicks on the Generate Command Button, 2 different codes of not more than 16 xters should be generated.

The ProductCode is never Stored on the System but the Activation code should be Stored either in an access DB or a binary file. The Activation Code should change at the end of the Valid_Days specified by the Dev.


The Validator will have the following controls

1 Text boxes = 1) ProductCode

1 Listview = 1) List All the Past Activation Keys with their Validity Days

3 Labels = 1) HardDisk S/N 2) MAC Address 3) Valid_Days (Current)

1 Command Button = Decrypt

How the Validator should Work.

The User pastes the ProductCode of any given system generated by the generator from any given system and clicks on the Decrypt command button. The Validator will reveal the 1) Past Activation Codes with their Valid Days on the ListView 2) HardDisk S/N 3) MAC Address 4) Valid_Days (Current Valid_Days Running)

VBA word (make/add a small change in an already created project )

I have the complete code for this VBA project and need to add one more functionality to the dropdown – short intro of project: using a pop up in word you select a word file (request) extract some data from that file display it in the pop up and then pop also has dropdowns which has data linked in an excel sheet and finally using all this data a response is generated.