Build a wordpress website with plug ins

I need a wordpress website blog with probably 5-7 main pages and then a template to set up pages for sports teams. The goal is a travel blog with emphasis on sports and so there were be posts for travel, sports, credit cards, that all need to source to the right pages based on tags. The format is close to

One page will have a searchable interactive map that will use a plug in that is WP-event manager maps. On the homepage we do need a megamenu that will link to sports team pages.

Correct some links – Simple as that

Hi there Freelancers!!!

I have this danish poster webshop: [login to view URL]

I have just changed the categories, but cannot figure out to change the coding for the direction of the url. So right now it still leads to the old name.

For example: If you click on Plakater – Donationsplakaten it leads you to the old url: [login to view URL]

I want them to be changed to these

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

WordPress modification

When I use target="_blank" in post wp adds rel="noreferrer noopener"

I need to prevent this and have tried a few plugins and snippets for [login to view URL] but to no avail.

Hope you can help.

Due to other commitments I will be unable to come back to this till the morning my time about 14 hours from now hope then to see some personalised replies thanks.

Add multi selection to location select in wordpress theme

I need that you add multi selection feature to location selection. The selection are in wordpress theme front end dashboard. The theme are real estate (reality theme), and at his original location selection I can select only one location, but I need to select several locations. Also selections should work fine in search.