Thesis researcher on the topic "Mass Media communication"

I am looking for an experienced researcher who can help me with my doctoral thesis on the topic "Media Internationalization in the Cultural and Entertainment Industry all over the world

(A survey on American and Korean cases)

Lesson learned for Vietnam"

The thesis is divided into 4 separate chapters but for this part of the thesis, I just need chapter 1 to be work on.

Chapter I:

Theoretical issues of media internationalization in cultural and entertainment industry

1.Key concepts

1.1.Mass media products

1.2.Mass media products in cultural and entertainment industry

1.3.Theory of media and globalization (Elihu Katz, Paul Lazefield)

2.Other related theories

2.1.Theories of culture, media in the globalization context. (John Tomlison, Herben Schiller – Culture Imperialism & Global Media)

2.2.Studies on public audience and theory of reception. (Richard Hugart, Stuart Hall)

3. Subjects of media internationalization in cultural and entertainment industry and factors affecting the production.






3.2.Subjective factors

3.2.1.Economic goals of producers and publishers

3.2.2.Brand marketing goals

3.2.3.Political goals

3.3.Objective factors (cultural, political and social conditions)

3.3.1.The development of technical infrastructure and information-communication technologies.

3.3.2.The globalization of the World Economy

3.3.3.The need for mutual understanding and cultural exchange among countries.

3.3.4.The public audience and their taste.

3.3.5.The market.

Sub-conclusion: This thesis focuses on the roles and activities of subjects involved in the media production and publishing stage in the cultural and entertainment industry. Affecting factors are considered, analysed in the relationship among subjects of this process.


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