Participate In A Online Study On Subjective Perception Of Video Quality (Just Noticeable Distortion (JND) Assessment)

€ 5.00 — 8.00 EUR
This project requires you to participate in an academic study.
The study is about the subjective evaluation of the just noticeable difference (JND) in videos (think of smallest perceptible difference).
Our aim in the experiment is to compare two presentation techniques, namely the flicker test and the quality test.
These techniques are explained in the instructions (see the URL below).

We intend to hire a large number of qualified participants (more than 100 if there are enough bids).

You can participate in the study by following the link below to the experiment interface (Please open the link in the Firefox browser, it will not run otherwise):

Please follow the instructions and the interface messages carefully to provide accurate and reliable responses.
Pay special attention to the initial instructions that will help you solve the task correctly.

For this experiment you need a PC or laptop with a screen of at least 13.3 inches.
It is not possible to use mobile devices.

To accept the consent form, please first enter your freelancer ID (the last part of the URL for your profile page in the "Please enter your worker id:" field on the consent form.

Then you will have to take part in a brief training exercise to familiarize yourself with the subjective task.
After the training, you will take a quiz.
Only if you pass the quiz, your bid will be considered to be accepted.

Note: If you pass the quiz, do not close your Firefox browser.
Keep the website open until your bid will be accepted and you can start the main study.
Do not click the " Quit and view the code" button.


- Please bid for this project only if you are able to pass the quiz (takes about 5 minutes).
It is not a difficult task if you follow the instructions and pay close attention.
- DO NOT open the link for the main study that will be provided to you (on the linked website).
You will be able to participate in the main study only after you passed the quiz and we have accepted your bid.
- Our upper budget limit is strict, please don't bid any higher, or your bid will not be considered.

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