Map Over Football Fields And Some Buildings
I need an updated map over an area with a ot of football fields and some buiding. I need it in picture 1 style (see attached files) and add added fields from picture nr. 2. Ill get the rest of the details tomorrow but you can start adding those fieds.Then we add some numbers and a few logos and text. Price is the most important.
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Telemedincine And Ambulance Taxi
TELEMEDICINE APP Patient App A simple portal for the patients to choose the hospital, department, doctor, and available time slot. Easy login Hassle-free onboarding processes to facilitate quick login into the app Appointment booking The convenient time slot can be chosen after confirming the doctor's availability User profile Patients can set up his/her user profile quickly to simplify future interactions In-app chat In-app chat enables the users to communicate within the application In-app payment Doctor’s fees can be remitted in-app…
Full Description of TELEMEDINCINE and Ambulance TAXI
Magento Expert Needed -- 2
I am looking for an expert in Magento that can perform misc. tasks on one of my client's websites. They are NOT using Magento 2.0. They are using an earlier version. Currently, they need a PDF file uploaded and linked to, and if possible, the ability to deactivate shipping costs if a client chooses to pick up products in person. PLEASE list your years of experience with Magento, and your hourly rate.
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Textnow Experience Needed
Hi, I need someone who can help me to create account. I have some trouble to register the account of it. If you have experience in it, please help me. Hope you make one simple video how to create new account in any area freely. (Not online youtubu video, it is not working actually!) Thank you.
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Play And Review Android Games
Looking for freelancers with Android phones to play and review a list of Android Games. We'll ask you to rate your enjoyment for each of the games and tell us about the experience. Bonus if you have Android development experience.
Full Description of Play and review Android Games
Design Images For Apps On Playstore
I need 5 illustrative images that draw attention to the user to download the app, the app is a quiz, quiz battles where the user can receive real money, the money the user will earn is in R$ (Brazil), has that draw a lot of attention, I will pass images of the app to understand better, I will also leave a link where it contains example images.
Full Description of design images for apps on playstore
Crear Un Formato Standart Y Corporativo De Presentación De Un Modelo De Negocio (documento En Word De Unas 50 Paginas Y Excel)
Necesito desarrollar a la brevedad posible un formato (preferiblemente en word) con imagen corporativa que sirva para presentar un informe sobre un modelo de negocio. Dicho formato debe contar con un diseño actual que represente la identidad de la marca
Full Description of Crear un formato standart y corporativo de presentación…
Calling Warm And Cold Leads For Financial Services Company
I need an individual who is willing to call warm and cold leads to see if the prospect would be willing to schedule an introductory meeting that can be held by telephone or virtually. The prospects are both individuals and businesses.
Full Description of Calling warm and cold leads for financial services…
Modifications To A Shopify Account
The site is I set it up and manage it. I can not figure out how to do this. Allow customers to buy selected products and not get charged shipping. Instead it should say shipping will be "prepaid and charged" once the actual values are know.
Full Description of Modifications to a Shopify account
I Need A Youtube Expert To Promote A Singer
Video for a rapper that is new to the Ottawa market. He is already on Spotify and Apple music and we need to promote him to the right public and audience. This is the first release of the video. Artist has 160K listeners on one of his songs.
Full Description of I need a youtube expert to promote a…
Php Developer Required
Full-stack developer required. The tasks required are attached. I am a full stack developer with excess work, so I am outsourcing the tasks here. PLEASE do not bid for this project unless you have reviewed the attached and are confident you can do the work.
Full Description of PHP Developer Required
Swiggy Or Zomato Like App And Website
Swiggy or Zomato like app and website with using such payment gateway that can distribute the food respected value to admin, tech admin, vendor restaurant and delivery boys. Full code base in developer format and production format separately needed. Previous work with same type project show is needed. All modification wanted have to be complete. Only apply if you are 100% sure.
Full Description of swiggy or zomato like app and website
Filter A 40000 Rows Excel
Basically, I have an excel file, and the first two columns are 'PRODUCT ID' & 'ID'. The 'Product ID' column is about 6800 rows. What I need is, to filter the rows, and give me all the rows, in which the value from the 'ID' column exists in the 'PRODUCT ID' column. The returning rows should be about 6800. If you want to look over the proposal please write 'PRODUCT' to your message
Full Description of Filter a 40000 rows excel
Duplicate Magento 2 Layout
I just need someone to duplicate the default 2-column-left layout so that I can select this new layout as an option in the backend for a category. Then I can customize the file myself but need help setting it up correctly under the new theme or via as a plugin. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. Please only bid if you are very comfortable with making custom layout files as per Magento's official suggestion. No custom designs or coding required.
Full Description of Duplicate Magento 2 Layout
Constrúyeme Manejo De Redes Facebock Ads
Soy una Agencia Inmobiliaria, y ya cuento con Sitio Web, Canal de Facebock Profesional, Instagram, Tiktok sin embargo requiero armar Campañas Publicitarias para ganar mas seguidores, Ventas, por medio de Facebock Ads en relación a mi negocio. Espero propuestas
Full Description of constrúyeme manejo de Redes Facebock Ads
Code In Python And Solve 1-2 Medium And High Level Problems (leetcode Level) Using Data Structures And Algos.
Code in python and solve 1-2 medium and high level problems using Data Structures and algos. You should take less than 5 min to write the full code and at least you should be able to convey the approach in a min or 2 mins.
Full Description of Code in python and solve 1-2 medium and…
программы для Stm32 Nucleo
1)Подстрели зайчика. В начальном состоянии светодиод моргает в следующем режиме: период 2 секунды (можно сделать с небольшой случайной добавкой), время зажигания 100 мс (можно регулировать по мере необходимости). Если человеку удается нажать кнопку в момент, когда светодиод горит, то «зайчик подстрелен» и нужно сыграть «фанфары охотнику», – трижды моргнуть светодиодом: 0.5 с светодиод горит, затем 0.5 с не горит, 0.5 с горит и т. д. После того, как фанфары сыграны, можно начинать охотиться за новым зайчиком. . 2)Светодиод включается двумя…
Full Description of Программы для STM32 nucleo
Building An Android App That Can Detect Camera Penetration Using (android Studio + Kali Linux)
Hello everyone, First of all, the perpose of this project is academic only. I'm currently doing a research on how we can build a mobile app which can detect and stops camera penetration. I kindly need someone to create a simulation of the penetration using known penetration testing tools in kali linux. Then, after making the simulation, I need to create an android app consists one page / activity only which can detect this penetration using Android Studio + Java.…
Full Description of Building an android app that can detect camera…
Mern - Stack Developer.
Need a MERN-stack developer. I need an urgent mern stack developer for my project. I have an already completed website that just needs real-time functionality. Note: My website makes by front-end Reactjs And Back-end Nodejs, Database Mongodb, and hosting firebase. If you have any questions please let me know I will explain don't worry. Please notify first "I am a British"
Full Description of MERN - stack developer.
Character Design And Background Illustration For An Animated Video
Please Note- I need everything ready by Sunday Morning (Indian time Zone) I need an artist who has experience in making illustrations and characters for 2d animation. Characters- 2 main characters - Munna & Munni (all angles, different facial expressions and mouth movements) 1 doctor female (Sitting,side, talking) 6-7 Randon school children Munni's mother Munni's Father Munni's Brother Munni's Pregnant sister ( front-side angle, different facial expressions and mouth movement) teacher Background- * Classroom * Inside home * Midday meal…
Full Description of character design and background illustration for an animated…
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