Problem Using Require_once To Load External Php File -- 2
The app works with connection info hard coded - I just can't load a file. I've tried a number of ways, here are the errors when attempting to read the file in the same folder as the php app, and also in the pear folder. Warning: require_once(conf.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\corlears\access_data.php on line 34 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'conf.php' (include_path='.;C:\php\pear') in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\corlears\access_data.php on line 34 I need someone to share a…
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Editing Of Jewelry Using Photoshop
I would like to modify 30 products in terms of removing blemishes and removing background And make the rest of the necessary adjustments to make the image clear and attractive The original image is the gray image I want to make all necessary adjustments, such as cropping, removing blemishes, and getting pure colors to be like the white background image
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3d Rendering (pr Box)
I'm looking for some 3D renderings of a PR Box for my client. I wanted to show them 3 different options, and have some images of what I was thinking of having the 3 boxes look like, in which I'll attach. I'll include the items in the box as well but was just wondering if you would be able to make the 3D renderings of the box, the way they are in the images I attached, with the items in…
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Grpc парсер на Python.
Ищу исполнителя для написания простого парсера для grpc сообщений, получаемых от блокчейн ноды. Пример документации настройки связки сервер-клиент - Для предварительных тестов можно использовать запросы к публичной ноде или использовать локальную ноду. Документация для настройки локальной ноды - В коде нужны только запросы к ноде по grpc для получения utx транзакций (unconfirmed transactions) и дальнейшая выдача ответов в виде json. 1. Grpc request to node 2. UTX parser 3. Response with json data
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C# Development - Create A Nopcommerce Extension
We already have a standard nopCommerce website selling sunglasses and spectacle frames. When a user buys a frame we want them to then be able to choose the type of lenses that they need plus any extras, such as tints or coatings. Finally they need to be able to see and check their prescription (which they store on their user profile when they register)
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Write Me A Business Plan For A New Franchise
I am planning to open up a franchise chain selling authentic turkish coffee with 4 targetted levels. - Street level - Stalls operating in housing areas, selling at a cheaper price to target passer bys - Food truck - To target hotspot areas and event venues - Mall kiosk - Medium range pricing to target shopper with the turkish coffee - Cafe - Full fledged shop with full menu to target higher ends customers.
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I Need Someone To Market My Novels
I have nine complete novels, with number ten only pages away. Five of these are on kindle, the other four I've decided, will wait until I find the right person or persons to only merchandise my novels. I know there's a market out there for my stories, and the right person with enough incentive to read one or two, I believe will feel the same way.
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Site Php - Aplicativo Flutter
- Preciso melhorar o desing do site e do app, como cores, textos, algumas telas do app. - Configurar api de pagamento - atualmente a plataforma usa o sistema paypal, desejo mudar para o sistema split da sistema de pagamento com repasses automático - Configurar localização automática - atualmente é preciso inserir longitude e latitude para criar uma entrega, quero que a localização seja feita de forma automática - Configurar rastreamento do entregador, essa api já existem, falta configurá-la…
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Greek To English Translation 10-340
I have a documents here that need to be translated from Greek to English. The documents are confidential, So I cannot post it publicly. If you reply, and your profile shows you can handle the job, I will request a quote from you in the messenger and I will also send the documents. Thank you.
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Fetch Paginated Api Data Javascript
I have a simple JS script that uses fetch to retrieve some API data. The API is limited to 50 items per call. Using pagination/offset we can loop through the data. I need help to finish the script so that it does the following: - Loops through all data in fetch URL (there are about 10,000 items in total so it should loop about 200 times) - The data should be appended together to create 1 JSON dataset - I…
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Digital Marketing Project, (digital Marketer Specialist)
Digital Marketing project, (Digital Marketer Specialist) A plan (marketing campaign) should contain: 1-"Top at Google search" 2-Web marketing, Social media marketing 3-brand building 4-Creating company Identity 5-Content writer 6-Graphic designer
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Crear Firmas Para Gmail
Buscamos a una persona que nos pueda crear las firmas listas para copiar y pegar en GMAIL, comenzaremos con una prueba y una vez que esté perfecto, le daremos todos los datos para generar los 23 correos que necesitamos, con colores y demás detalles
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Postgres / Timescaledb Guru
Hi, We are looking for a DB expert (postgres/timescaledb) to help us : - Optimize our databases , identify issues / slow queries , Index.... - Setup tool to monitor our database. - Setup backup Databases are running on EC2 Ubuntu (AWS) DB Size 500gb.
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Module Interface Management System And
Automatic interface module via API between Management System and The module must allow you to keep the Management inventory synchronized with the advertisements published on the reference Marketplace. It must take care of importing the orders from the Marketplace to the Management System. The module will have to import any category update to the management software if the Marketplaces updates them. They are made available to the API, documentation will be provided after contact, which allow you to query…
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Is There An Existing Csv Order Import App Into Shopify Store For Shipping And Billing A Dropshipper Client.
We are looking to automatically import custom CSV orders into our Shopify store to dropship for a client. Is this possible? We would have daily imported csv files from this client next year and also account for proper costs based on items we have if possible for billing purposes. Open to suggestions. Thank you
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Solve Programming Problems For Me
I need a developer to solve the programming problems. that are 3 in 120 mins. You can use, PHP, Java or JavaScript to solve those problems. You will be working through the team viewer, you cannot copy /paste the code from the internet. It has to be done by today.
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Website Restyling And Personal Branding
Hello, I'm looking for someone who can easily translate vision and concepts into graphic solutions. I need to restyle and rebranding my own activities and website, plus armonizing all socials channells other than creating a platform with automatic sells. The person has to speak fluent italian and english and have some knowledge related to wellness, coaching and arts. For those interested please give a look at and send me a brief quote on which base our future chat. Beware…
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Logo Redesign
Looking for an artist who can help me to redesign my logo to look more hippie like Naming and daisy stays (although can be redesigned as well) I like letters, though don't like that they look very strict price and deadline negotiable
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Eversign Document Templates Creation
I have 4 general business documents (NDA, basic agreements, etc.) that I would like to have templates created for in eversign (similar to docusign). We will provide the existing .doc files to you and we would like you to load them into eversign (we will invite you to our company account) and create the templates. We will be available to answer any detailed questions you have.
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