Html5 Canvas/svg Developer
We are looking for a senior html5 svg and canvas developer. You must have good experience of it. Bid only if you are an independent and senior svg and canvas developer. Include your working result that you built.
Full Description of HTML5 canvas/svg developer
Data Encoder
We are looking for dynamic individuals who will serve its worksites in Quezon City and Muntinlupa. We require candidates who can work with minimal supervision, with a "go-getter" attitude and who can worker smartly.
Full Description of Data Encoder
C# Facebook And Telegram Api
I am looking for any solution that can give me my feeds-related data from the Facebook Groups and Telegram Groups I am a member of. So, if I am a member of the Facebook group ABC, I want to get every post in my application. If any member of XYZ posts something, I want to get that post in my application. You can try to fetch the notifications or any other method. Please note I am just a member of…
Full Description of C# Facebook and Telegram API
Urgent Php Developer
i have payment api which provide with json files. the page is loaded many times at same time which make the server to stop i need to make the api cal every two seconds and update the datain my server an give it in one file
Full Description of urgent php developer
Build Website From Scratch
I require someone who is expert at website development. Only professionals with good experience must contact. Please share urls of websites developed by you. If work is good, we may hire you for the application development as well. Regards.
Full Description of Build Website from scratch
Japanese Copy Writers (translation Vietnam) Open
Currently our company are looking for freelancers who are experience in copy writting . I would also like to ask if you have experience writing something related to travel blog , we are looking for someone who can write about tourist places or onsen town in Japan or cover the Japanese best hotel , ryokan stays in each town .We may need to know the ETA and turn around time for each articles .Maybe we may also need you to…
Full Description of Japanese Copy Writers (translation Vietnam) open
Reddit Account Manager Required
Im looking for someone with experience in managing reddit accounts. This will include content posting, replying to comments and direct messages, and managing content. Please respond with your experience with reddit and your availability.
Full Description of reddit account manager required
Voice Over
Project Details Opportunity for someone who has experience in writing scripts from English to Hindi for Youtube videos and do voice over accordingly. I would give you my video and you would write a script and do voice over that needs to be expressive, creative and hold people attention. Attach proof of your previous work. Pay will be based on project.
Full Description of Voice Over
Write Customized Woocomerce Copy Meta Tag
We are selling 9000 products and need add meta titel and Meta Description of our products. Your task it's build own code to auto copy the product total and product Description and add this to the Meta Description and meta titel in the code of the each product automatic. This need be build 100% on your code and you ARE not allowed use any plugin. The fields need be add to backend so we can change them manually if we…
Full Description of Write customized Woocomerce copy Meta tag
Modify Custom Field Code To Support Product Variations (woocommerce)
We're using a custom fields plugin which allows us to show around 100 swatches on our products and the plugin developer has written code to allow us to control min/max selections for each product. However, I need to be able to specify min/max rules for each variation of one product. Here's the example of the rule for setting min/max options: $GLOBALS['wapf_global_limits'] = [ 18408 => [ 'min' => 1, 'max' => 5 ], 18406 => [ 'min' => 1, 'max'…
Full Description of Modify custom field code to support product variations…
Canva Poster Making
Hi! I need help with a Canva poster. Basically I want to create a poster where I can show that the traditional animal husbandry such as cows, poultry, hens In farms and sheeps in farms are very well treated and they do not face difficulty. I want to show that there is no animal cruelty in traditional animal farming. Animals such as cows sheep's and horses in traditional farms enjoy their life and spend good time. There are two types,…
Full Description of Canva poster making
Seo Service (on / Off Page) For New Website
I want to get this website high in the rankings with Google and other search engines. It is a site where you can order bespoke vinyl texts made to order, for cars, motorcycles, windows, bicycles, and more. The website is in Spanish and the search results that I am interested in are for the Spanish market so etc. Bidder needs to be able to make the relevant posts / blogs in Spanish or check the language with me first.…
Full Description of SEO service (on / off page) for new…
Webpage Design On Figma
I need a new design for my product page on my wordpress multi vendor website. I would like you to do it fully HTML sliced (each element individual) in figma please. I'll provide all the details to the choosen freelancer of course. Won't link the site not to get a million people trying to outsmart freelancer by direct contact. I will need you to tie together 2 pages, the product page and the vendor page so as to create the…
Full Description of Webpage design on Figma
Explainer Videos
I'm setting up a new website for my handmade goods business for home interiors, I'm looking for an expainer video, please give me an estimated cost based on that and let me know if you need anymore information to provide a quote. I look forward to discussing.
Full Description of Explainer Videos
General African’s Language’s Translation.
Hello!!!! Greetings I am a prof ,and am a story publisher , I want to publish my story based on African language such like the following African language below!! Guinea Bissau-(Portuguese language) Kenya (Kiswahili language) Mauritania (Arabic language) Morocco (Arabic language) Mauritius (French language) Senegal (French language) South Africa (isiZulu language) Somalia (somali language) Sudan South Sudan (Arabic language) Tunisia (Arabic language) Togo (French language) Egypt (Arabic language) Please only apply if you are a native speaker of the following…
Youtube Content / Script Creator Wanted - Australian Real Estate
I am looking to hire someone to write a script that is between 1000-1500 words. The topics of the articles are in regards to property investing in Australia and other topics encompassing this. You will be given keywords and you need to provide informative and meaningful information about the topic/s (keywords). Also, adding a tip or two, to help the viewer in some way/s (saving money or how to reduce their home loan, etc). You will need to have a…
Full Description of Youtube Content / Script Creator Wanted - Australian…
Blockchain Expert Consultation
I am looking for someone who can update me on the status of the cryptocurrency market and emerging market trends etc. i am familiar with previous trends. Bitconnect, ico, Defi, layer 2 solutions, crypto lending, NFT’s etc. i am aware that there are new emerging trends at the moment which are buried in the current Bear market. You will serve as my crypto investment consultant
Full Description of Blockchain Expert consultation
I’m In Search Of A Textile Net Thread Designer
I am in search of a textile designer that can help me and my company develop a textiles thread with net-like holes within the string itself. Our company has been searching for manufacturing companies far and wide in hopes that they can do this and we keep coming up short. Reaching out in this way, we hope to find someone who can help!
Full Description of I’m in search of a textile net thread…
Process Images Using Amazon Recognition
Requirement is to build a program that allows a way to upload a list of image URLs to a program that will process the images through the Amazon Rekognition API and return all of the available data in a flat file format (like excel or SQL). Data that will be returned include: Image Properties > Dominant Colors, Image Quality Facial Analysis > appears to be female, appears to be smiling, etc Celebrity Recognition > list of celebrities found Text in…
Full Description of Process images using Amazon Recognition
App That Provides Construction / Interiors / Maintenance Services .
Outline - App that provides construction / Interiors / maintenance services . Reason -To allow users to have safe and reliable construction / Interiors / maintenance services . Purpose of the project - To launch a construction / Interiors / maintenance services mobile application . Category - Service based business application. Unique value proposition - Users are able to use their camera to capture images of the required work to be done and explain the requirements via the app.
Full Description of App that provides construction / Interiors / maintenance…
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