Install Elementor Theme And Content Population
We are revamping our website , Need to install elementor theme and upload all the content with our original website. All the content is from original website looking for people who can do for it for less than 3000/-
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Online Products Experience And Give Some Feedback -- 5
Our project is very simple, you only need to be able to communicate in English and be able to work online with an Android phone. We do not require freelancer to have work experience, as long as the network is smooth. Our products are in the testing stage, and freelancer is required to be responsible and confidential.
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Need Software For File Protection
I need these files prevented from being copied JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF. Add an extension to files. So on third party websites they cannot be right click saved. Create something that will convert peoples files into a form such that when they e.g post on twitter it cannot be right click saved. Even if the platform allows right click save.
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Android Billing App On Kotlin And Mongodb Realm (an Individual Freelancer Required, Not Any Company)
We have our application already built on Java and works online database (fully online app). Now we are rebuilding it on Kotlin and with a local database (realm). All the logic and working is fully pre-defined. Local Database structure is also defined and ready to use. We will provide you some sketch files for design reference. You will be provided assistance from technical member when required. App contains a lot of screens and features, but you need to work on…
Full Description of Android Billing App on Kotlin and MongoDB realm…
Three.js Developer Not A 3d Modeler
Hi! I am looking for a Three.js DEV to help me in the update of a parallax website. I only need expert in programming of three.js please put your bid only if you are a developer and know how to work within Three.js . Please put "yes" in the first line of your bid so I can see that you have readed the description, thank you!
Full Description of Three.Js Developer NOT A 3D modeler
Sql & Looker Developer
Effort Required : 2-4 Hrs / day Requirements : 1. Strong SQL and Analytical Skills . Project will be using PostgreSQL 2. Ability to identify, pull, join and manipulate data 3. Good experience in Business Intelligence tool . The tool used will be LOOKER. But if you have worked on any other BI tool in past(Tableau / PowerBI etc) and are ready to explore LOOKER . Happy to work with you
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Machinery Process Consultancy
We wish to setup a manufacturing plant for an automobile product. We have acquired plant & machinery for the same. We require experienced professional engineer who could visit us and help us setup those machines and get the plant up and running. Physical consultancy would be preferred rather than virtual.
Full Description of Machinery Process Consultancy
Scout For Pictures
I will provide you with a list of items you will scout the internet for some beautiful pic to represent each item, you may have to edit some to ensure that the logo or watermark is not visible or to make it FREE to use. will be used for marketing purposes. I located this pic on the internet as well, see samples of pics FLUENT IN ENLGISH IS A MUST! NO SCOUTS WORKING FOR COMPANIES PRETENFDING TO BE THE ACTUAL…
Full Description of SCOUT FOR PICTURES
Development Of A Website
It's a membership website facilitate for following. 0. Homepage- slider banner, membership call up action blurb/ general info for about the website/ news and events/ network partners logo sliders etc 1. Membership page/ Register membership/ subscription/ pay membership fee/ payment gateway features 2. Post membership benefits/ events/ event registration for members 3. Login page/ Profile dashboard for a registered member/ update profile/ story/ accreditation/ profile search for other member/ view and download for policy documents, video, images for assigned members(core…
Full Description of Development of a Website
Build Spare Parts Website
i'm willing to have a spare parts website for online shopping this website should have a good searching filters for an exmaple i can tell you the engine of the website should be same as that website you can contact me
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Custom Character Illustration
Hi Freelancers, I need a custom character illustration of an animal (will disclose in chat which animal with sample of style). The animal will need to look cool/chilled. If my client and I are happy with the initial animal, there will be more work to follow for custom add-ons for the animal. Please note: NO STOCK IMAGES, it needs to be CUSTOM ORIGINAL work. I will be doing backwards image searches. Please start your bid with the phrase: I will…
Full Description of Custom Character Illustration
Zoho Support
We would like to create a function in the ZOHO that when we entering a date we can use . or / . In addition, when we mark V in the checkbox we need to click 3 times before the V is confirmed. we would like to click only 1 time to obtain the V in the checkbox.
Full Description of ZOHO Support
Magento 2 Fixes
Please see list below of fixes: 1. Abandoned checkout is not working 2. We want to change price display to just display the price of each item including the vat not both 3. When we add tracking number to order in admin area its not sending email confirmation to customer 4. We would like the website to notify us when items are running low on stock/out of stock Thanks
Full Description of Magento 2 Fixes
Google Ads For Plumbing Company Services
*GENERIC RESPONSES WILL BE IGNORED* Hi Team, Im after someone to set up google ads for my plumbing company, i want to target specifically blocked drains to start off with and then move on from there if this works well. Ive had a bad experience in the past with a freelancer on here for google ads, they did not understand the task correctly and the research was not good which meant i spent money for nothing, the ads were completely…
Full Description of Google Ads For Plumbing Company Services
Landing Page Copywrite
I need an expert Copywritespecialized in Neuromarketing and SEO. the project is landing page advertising on google the content is SEarch engine optimization (SEO) Service Clients must Read the description etc and feel sure to purchase one of our packages NO FIRST-TIME WRITER, NO AI WRITING OR PEOPLE THAT DON'T READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT, SEND PRICE LIST NO USELESS CHAT LIKE: HOW ARE YOU WHAT YOU BUDGET ETC. I'm LOOKING FOR A PROFESSIONAL WITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN…
Full Description of Landing Page Copywrite
Make A Demo Video Of Our Product.
We'll need you to create 3 different 15 second videos (with actual people) explaining 3 different use cases. We'll need professional scripted, shot and edited videos of types given below:
Full Description of Make a demo video of our product.
Nft Designer
We are looking for an NFT designer to create 6969 unique avatar-like pictures, preferably, in 3D (no programming needed). If you are ready to discuss details, we can provide you with a mood board and schedule a call if you need more details. The project is urgent and we are ready to pay accordingly.
Full Description of NFT Designer
Marketing And Sales Specialist - Newbies Welcome - Jan
NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NEEDED. ONLY ENTHUSIASM FOR ELEGANT BRANDS Blanc Page is an online magazine about Fashion and Lifestyle. I am looking for committed people with a positive and welcoming personality who can give brands advice on how to advertise or run campaigns on our magazine. YOUR TASK: 1. arranging meetings by contacting a minimum of 10 suitable brands per day 2. advising them about our marketing service via video chat and in-person REQUIREMENTS: • sharp instinct for suitable brands…
Full Description of Marketing and Sales Specialist - Newbies Welcome -…
Digital Marketing - Seo,smm, Google Adwords , Content Writer
We’re established Australian based commercial e-commerce business in the hunt for digital marketing company who can provide us complete solution but not limited to SEO, SMM, SPP, Google AdWords, content writer and lot more for long term on-going basis. Reach out to me only if you can provide complete digital marketing solution.
Full Description of Digital marketing - SEO,SMM, Google AdWords , Content…
Unity Asset Exchange Between 2 Different Builds
Hello, I am looking for a Unity developer that allow to communicate two different Unity builds. Basically I want to show two different PC build communicating to each other sending and receiving 3d asset. To make this easiest as much as possible, I though to this solution: 2 builds 2 users Creation of a table/database of, for example, 10 assets (5 per user) that can be exchange among the two players. The builds give the possibility to login. Once the…
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