Python Trainer / Professional
Need someone to teach python to someone from the very basics into depth. 1. He will need classes in the EST time zone so it has to be in the EST evening time 2. One on one class from basic programming 3. 2 months commitment Output: So basically after the course he should get programming skills and very good knowledge in Python as result.
Full Description of Python Trainer / Professional
Help Me To Restore Hacked Youtube Channel
Hello, my YouTube channel has been hacked several days ago, and I don't have the possibility to restore it... Here's my channel
Full Description of Help me to restore hacked YouTube channel
Disponibilidad De Deptos
Requiero una forma de poder mostrar la disponibilidad de departamentos en un edificio. Es un proyecto inmobiliario y se desea que haya una página donde se vea la fachada del edificio y al pasar el ratón en un depto, muestre disponibilidad y al darle clic te muestre información del departamento.
Full Description of Disponibilidad de deptos
Fixing Website Issues
I have done a website audit of my website and there are some problems that I need to fix. You can check the problem here and see if you can fix this. If you are confident that you can fix this, I can give you the details of every page and every problem. Then, we can start the project. If you cannot fix it, no payment will be paid. Only if you can complete the project and fix the…
Full Description of Fixing website issues
Amibroker Indicators -- 2
Hi, I need to combine some Amibroker afl`s together to be in 1 indicator window. The indicators are the common indicators readily available, they are: Alligator, MACD, Stochastic. I tried by overlapping method, but did not work, they became junk chart. So need these 3 indicators to work normally with each other on 1 window WITH EDITABLE PATRAMETERS.
Full Description of Amibroker Indicators -- 2
Python Project
You have to write a code that will accept as many patient details and store them in Binary Search Tree. Then you have to create a search function (Perform Binary Search) that will display the details that are in BST. Also, you have to create a delete function that will delete particular information based on the patient's id or name. Then create a display function that will print all the available records in BST. Finally, add an exit option to…
Full Description of Python Project
Computerized English Language Test
Hello, I have an English proficiency test "PDF" copy and am looking to computerized it. I want the student to make an account “ write their name and information” then answer the test, part one is 74 questions and all of them are listening” check the PDF attached, just till page 25 Then after the student finish, I want the system to calculate the student results and send a certificate to the email with the results. I want a system…
Full Description of Computerized English language Test
Squarespace Performance & Speed
I use squarespace and I would like to improve the performance of it. When i analyze my site with "gtmetrix" it tells me there are things to be done, but i believe i've done everything i could. Please contact me, and I will share my site with you. Thank you
Full Description of Squarespace performance & speed
Google Sheet To Whatsapp Automation
Need a automation Which send txn msg though whatsapp and Txn Email Whenever new data is added in google shaaet
Full Description of Google Sheet to Whatsapp Automation
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