Bash Scripting

Bash Scripting: Website Scraping
Need to screen scrape a website using wget and curl and then manipulate/format some data in a useful way (such as a table) using tools like SED and AWK. Those are the only requirements
Full Description of Bash Scripting: Website Scraping
Simple Bash Script (ubuntu) Needed -- 2
Look to create some informational Bash Scripting information with screenshots included. The instructions are: INSTRUCTIONS 1. Write a script to check command arguments (3 arguments maximum). Display the argument one by one. If there is no argument provided, remind users about the mistake. Provide a screenshot of your script and example run (#4-0a) Is there an easy way to use a loop to get all arguments? 2. Practice a simple command line calculator. See the sample output on the right.…
Full Description of Simple Bash Script (Ubuntu) needed -- 2
Create Macos App Scaffold Using Swift
We need to port an existing app to macOS 10.15 and 11. The authoring environment used before depends on 32 bit components and is gone, so a re-write using Swift is in order. What we seek is an experienced developer who can aid us in creating a scaffold to work with in that process. In principle the app shall: - receive files and or folders by drag-n-drop onto the UI - determine all files from dropped folders and their sub-folders…
Full Description of Create macOS app scaffold using swift
Writing Scripy
prints these of its parameters, which correspond todirectories which contain at least one subdirectories but contain no regular files.
Full Description of writing scripy
Migrate Software
Есть софт, скомпилированный и собранный под ARM9 Freescale imx287. Необходимо мигрировать его на другое устройство (в наличии имеется raspberry pi 3, ее можно выбрать как цель). Исходники есть. Развертывание софта выполнялось скриптом, все в наличии.
Full Description of Migrate software
Python Script Fix Bugs -- 2
The project intended to convert pdf file to jpg and from jpg to text, then parse information from text file by regex python script. I almost done everything i just need help in fixing some bugs
Full Description of Python script fix bugs -- 2
Linux Host Agent With Api
I need you to develop Ubuntu host agent for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using PHP. - create bash script to install/update the agent in the host - agent must have restAPI with security token. using agent restAPI from existing management dashboard we should be able to do the following: - install / update/ configure linux packages - get host metrics such as CPU/ram/network ... - scrub logs - nginx bandwidth accounting by hostname/domain…
Full Description of linux host agent with api
Looking For Powershell Script Expert To Open Browser From Text File
Hello, How are you? My goal is to create a script that can open different web pages in alphabetical order in microsoft edge (private mode). Right now I have created a script, but it does not open in alphabetical order. The problem is that there are 3 sub folders with web pages that do not follow the main folder's alphabetical order. Inside each folder and subfolder there is a txt file that contains the link to the web page. Note…
Full Description of Looking for powershell script expert to open browser…
Red Hat 7 Security Script Implementation -- 5
Implement some very specific aspect of bash script to enforce security. Script MUST Check if feature has already been implemented. If the implementation is not done, then implement it. Duplicate entries must be avoided at all cost especially given that it can cause problems to the operating system.
Full Description of Red Hat 7 Security script implementation -- 5
Shell Scripting
I’m looking for an expert in shell scripting (BASH). -Automate tasks -Modify/update existing scripts
Full Description of Shell scripting
Python Script Fix Bugs -- 3
I have python script that intended to parse the file with regex. I just want someone to fix the bugs and supervised my work. I want also to run this script throw command line to make it loop though several files.
Full Description of Python script fix bugs -- 3
A Simple Way To Count Lines In Files That Are Inside A Folder With Subfolders
i want to know how many lines in total are then from all the files located inside a folder with subfolders. must be human readable number
Full Description of a simple way to count lines in files…
Simple Rsync Script
I need a script to backup a sub-directory that is part of every folder in a tree with 300+ folders. The requirements are: 1) Backup this folder ONLY from every directory AND maintain the folder structure 2) Have the ability to add a second or third folders if needed. 2) Recover the backup folders to the same location as in step 1. Just to give you context, we are going to replace the entire tree, including root folder and sub-folders,…
Full Description of Simple RSYNC script
Mitm Proxy Script Expert
I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python. Only bid if you know about mitm scripts
Full Description of Mitm proxy script expert
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