Need Cryptocurrency Developer Help Me For A Project
Need cryptocurrency developer help me for a project, Hello i want to develop an platform with my idea if you are a crypto dev then bid here
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Ico Website
I need a freelancer in helping us to create a new ICO token and market, we have the funds and good understanding but we don't have the tech to set it up.
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Solidity Smart Contract Exchanger Bsc
I need a smart contract deployed into an address I can control wich makes exchanges of token by copy trading transactions by scanning the pancake router and copying transactions based on parametres I decide and making new similar transactions with balance from the address.
Full Description of Solidity smart contract exchanger BSC
Create A Crypto Coin
We are looking for someone (team or an individual) who can help us to create a blockchain and crypto coin
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Php Expert + Blockchain Expert
I need a PHP expert. I also need you to be a blockchain expert. Need to have knowledge about ETH and BTC networks. I need someone who can start right away and have time.
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Setup Bsc Full Node (binance Smart Chain Full Node)
I have a linux server, tried to set up bsc full node but I get many errors. I need somebody with experience who already set up a bsc full node to do it for me. I will give you access to my pc via anydesk so you can work in the server through my pc, so I can see what you are doing.
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Cryptocurrency Teacher, How To Create Cryptocurrency, How To List It, How To Create Wallet,...
I need teacher to help me on my cryptocurrency business, videos I see a lot on youtube, I have course on Udemy, I read a lot, what I need is someone who can answer my questions and show me how to do, I will pay 20$/h we will use google remote desktop for teaching and for time tracking, I already create my own Tokens and need to create others and sell.
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Smart Contract That Sends Royalties Earned From To Minters
I have an NFT collection that receives royalties whenever someone buys my nft on the secondary market. I want to pass on that royalty to the wallets that initially minted my NFT from my website. Seems i will need a smart contract to do this.
Full Description of Smart contract that sends royalties earned from…
Website Development -- -- 2
I want the same website as this with same functionality this what the website built with : You can change the design but I want it with same functionality as So the functionality backend of is i will able to add projects as you can see in the website, and people can vote , and also every project i post, the info need to be updated with api , it''s easy with coinmarketcap api or other…
Full Description of Website Development -- -- 2
Optimise Mining Rig Settings On Hiveos, Running Hiveon
i have a very simple rig with 1 3090 GPU card currently running HiveOS, using HiveON pool the rig keeps restarting mining ethereum initially showing 118MH/s hashrate for the first 1-2 hours then crashes and restarts now showing 118MH/s ethash but only 8.33 MH/s hashrate on hiveon I would like someone to adjust settings so mining at 110+ consistently without crashing etc on hiveon (or another reliable pool) screenshot attached
Full Description of optimise mining rig settings on HiveOS, running HiveON
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