Digital Art

Filtros De Instagram
Necesito crear filtros los cuales se acerquen (aproximadamente) a los resultados de diferentes procedimientos de estética orofacial, para que aparte de embellecer a las clientes en sus historias, les de una idea muy general de como quedarían luego de algún procedimiento estético facial
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Design Custom Image From Scratch (art Work)
You have to draw the image in certain position. The faces should look exactly identical as the real counterparts. I don't care if you sketch and color it or use any software but it should look as real as possible. Person must have done art work.
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I Need A Digital Line Artist For My Website !
Hey! I'm looking for a Digital Line artist for my website! I'm currently designing a website for my new French tutoring company and I need a line artist to help with the graphic illustrations! What is it about? The company will offer unlimited one-on-one french classes with native speaker teachers for $149 a month. LingoCulture is also concerned with the dissemination of the French (and European) culture through literature and all forms of art. I always been particularly taken…
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You Gotta Wise To The Top Records L
I want to start a label. I am a producer, beat maker, I mix, master, write, an all around music maker. I have created my own sound, and its from making my influences my failures. I have 5 year 80 hour day or longer experience.. so I’m not here to wage anyone’s time... I need guidance I can make the music.
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Draw Some Kits Using Illustrator
I need a professional Digital Artist who can draw our fecal collection of kits. A close match is acceptable. I will provide a PDF for an example of how it should look like. Please Write "I am a Digital Artist" before your bid.
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I Need A Digital Artist
hi, my name is Meryla and I am looking for a freelance artist. I am looking for a digital artist to create colouring pages for me. Both for adults and children.
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Yokai Design Photoshop
A yokai must be designed and drawn using photoshop or similar. Details in the PDF.
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Designer Needed To Edit Logo
Startup online business not launched yet, 1 employee making and selling crafts. Made a rough logo which needs update, already have notes for edits to be made. Minimal work required.
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Painting, Mysticism And Psychoanalysis
Please help me to write an article about this topic: In 1948 Barnett Newman wrote an essay titled The sublime is now in which he claimed that artists were making art out of their own feelings. Robert Rosenblum discussed this sublime turn as placing an emphasis on the aesthetic experience and the emotions that painting could evoke through gesture, shape and colour. Several 'AbEx' artists were also intrigued by the psychoanalytic theories of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud for exploring…
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Character Concept Art / Reference Sheet
Looking for a talented artist who can draw a fully rendered reference sheet / concept art for my character. - Commercial usage, IP rights, copyright, and NDA must be given to us - Need 3 views (front, back, side) - Please discuss every single detail with me and help me formulate the perfect character - Need to be able to discuss with me every single detail with unlimited revision - Have to show few expressions and detail of some clothing
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