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Architecture Story Illustration
Hi, If you are fast at creating illustrations and story lines contact me I have an idea I need to show through illustrations it will be one poster pretty much and I will show you a sample and share all my ideas budget is low so its okay if its just line drawing Thanks
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I Need An Art Consultant
I'm an artist and i need a consultant/ assistant to take over some tasks like copyright and other documents, also shipping internationally.
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Rate The Quality Of 25,000 Images (academic Study)
Rate the technical quality of photos of faces using the provided Chrome-based app. This is part of an academic study on the perception of the quality of face photos. IMPORTANT: The technical quality of a face image should not be confused with face attractiveness. For more information please read the task instructions below. OVERVIEW You will be using our browser-based app (IQAvi) to rate the quality of 25,000 photos. Use the slider below each image to choose a quality rating…
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Graphical Brilliance And Beauty: Platform-based Theme Design, Js And Css Only, And Within System Environment - Australian, Us, European Need Only Propose
We will only award those who have significant comprehension of the Western design tradition and aesthetic. Parisian/Italian/ and other Western European educated and luxury design specialists have an advantage. LET ME REITERATE: if you are not hailing from Europe, Australia, or the US, you must exhibit a high specialist capacity for visual communication and design. This project is small, half a day work of work from approximately 200 to 500 Euro, and will lead to further work. To the South…
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Design A Collage
I need some graphic design, someone to design a collage of a vew photos, for self promotion. Use your imagination and lots of colours to make the collage stand out.
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Illustrations For A Medical Product
New startup requiring a couple of 2d illustrations and infographs for the use and application of a new medical device/product. Nothing fancy. (If you google image search "medical illustrations" you will understand what type of "look and feel" is required.
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I Need An Lgbtq+ Illustrator/cartoonist
I'm a straight creative director/writer seeking the services of LGBTQ+ illustrator. The project: 2D 'comic-book-type series featuring a campy gay superhero. The mission: to promote gender equality,etc. and produce a lot of human merriment. Initially, at least, I'm working for the love of the thing and any remuneration will only be available as opportunities make themselves apparent. In other words we're working gratis, pro bono and for nothing.
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Chasing Time
You know how people are always chasing money? I want a design where an older person is trying to chase time instead of money!
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Caricature Of Team Mates
We are celebrating our 8th Anniversary so we are organizing a small event of our team of about 20 persons. It will be a lunch event but we want to surprise everyone with a caricature of themselves during the event. I am looking for caricature artists who can do this job for us. Work must be completed by 14/07/2021. We will share the pics of the persons concerned and the hard copy of the completed caricature must be couriered to…
Painting, Mysticism And Psychoanalysis
Please help me to write an article about this topic: In 1948 Barnett Newman wrote an essay titled The sublime is now in which he claimed that artists were making art out of their own feelings. Robert Rosenblum discussed this sublime turn as placing an emphasis on the aesthetic experience and the emotions that painting could evoke through gesture, shape and colour. Several 'AbEx' artists were also intrigued by the psychoanalytic theories of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud for exploring…
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Designer Hand Painted Denim Jackets , Costumes Jeans , Paintings
Hello! I am Maryam Othman, founder and designer of Maryam Othman Gallery …. an Egyptian plastic artist. I graduated from the theater and cinema décor department and is currently in the master's degree. I started in the field of plastic art in 2014 and participated in many art exhibitions with Arabs and foreigners, and I held my first solo art exhibition 2016 . My passion and dream is to travel to different countries to participate in different exhibitions. I traveled…
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Cartoon-image (caricature) Drawing/creation
We are a 3rd generation family run SME in the heart of Zurich. Our business is the sale & installation of floor coverings (parquet, carpet, linoleum, PVC vinyl) and the interior decoration of rooms (curtains, interior shading systems, upholstery, home textiles). We would like to create a cartoon character called "Lüti" for our new website. The features should refer to the business owner, Mr André Leutenegger. It can be a sort of caricature of him. We also run an…
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I Need A 3d Modeller To Create Monster/creature Limbs For Procedural Approach -- 2
I am an indie developer trying to procedurally generate monsters / creatures by stitching limbs together (front legs, back legs, torso, head, tail etc.). My algorithm will use animated rigs of real life animals (bipeds and quadrupeds) as base. Those limbs will be attached to that skeleton and a procedural texture will be applied. Textures, rigs, normals and so on would not be required. All I need are 3D models (vertex mesh data) of various limbs. Initially I would like…
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Sketch Artist -product Concept Design
Looking for a sketch artist in Barrie Ontario. Looking for someone with industrial or product design experience to attend 3-5 meetings and provide sketches of ideas/concepts in real time.
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